Woman Works at Nursing Home as a Second Job to Visit Her 87-Year-Old Dad Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Busayo Ogunjimi
Mar 06, 2021
06:40 A.M.
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Many families have gone beyond possible limits just to be there for their loved ones during the difficult time of the pandemic. A woman worked at a nursing home as a second job to be close to her aged father.


Lisa Racine did not want to be far from her aged father and figured a way to see him. The pandemic has caused health restrictions to be put in place such that some families have had to spend some time apart.

Racine decided to get a second job that would allow her to earn extra cash and have access to her 87-year-old father.

Racine said she thought of a way to see her dad more and then figured that joining the Good Samaritan Society, Stillwater in Minnesota, was the best option.

Photo of a young woman and her grandmother | Photo: Pexels


Her 87-year-old dad Harold said that when he saw his daughter walk into the nursing home, he was not just surprised but overjoyed. He called that day a pleasant surprise and the happiest of his life.

Racine’s story touched many hearts because despite having a more comfortable job, she decided to add another humbling one just to be with her father. The two jobs are worlds apart when compared.

Hallway of a health facility | Photo: Getty Images


Racine has been working full-time as a project manager for a printing company but switched to a role that will see her scraping the floor and doing the dishes at night and on weekends.

Although her new gig is a new experience for her, it is not compared to the joy of being able to spend time with her aged father in a time where most aged people are said to be battling loneliness the most. 

Another couple of 58-years saw the COVID-19 create a bridge between them as the wife could not see her husband.


Studies have shown that aged people who are not with their loved ones stand the risk of battling loneliness and putting their mental health in danger. For Racine, all she wanted is for her old man to feel loved and cared for.

Racine said she would do anything to spend time with her 87-year-old, even if it means cleaning the floor and doing dishes in a nursing home. Since he cleaned much of her mess in the past, it's time to be there for him.


Although she admitted that the time in the nursing home is spent taking a yoga class or going to happy hour, she believes she is spending it more productively even though everything is funny to her.

Racine’s cousin Rene is an administrator at the nursing home she picked up a second job in. Rene noted that her cousin’s help had been much needed since the pandemic made it difficult to get people to fill up positions.

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Although families are being allowed to visit their loved ones at the nursing home, Racine reportedly said she would keep her job at the facility because it makes her feel like she is doing something valuable.

Some families have complained about their inability to meet up with their loved ones, but some looked for creative means to do that. One family reportedly found a way for their kids to hug their nana out of COVID-19 concerns.


The kids hugged their granny with a device built by their parents, standing as a safety guide for them. Another couple of 58-years- saw the COVID-19 create a bridge between them as the wife could not see her husband.

The couple has barely spent time apart in their almost six decades together. Still, they had to be separated because of the pandemic, as older adults were asked to be kept safe and reduce physical contact. 


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