March 11, 2021

Daily Joke: John & His Girlfriend Mary Decide They Want to Be Bank Robbers

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John and Mary made quite a fortune after deciding to be bank robbers. However, there was a turn of events. Check out how they pull through. 

Two lovers, John and Mary, decided to be bank robbers, "Bonnie and Clyde" style. While Mary did the money-gathering inside the bank, John stayed outside as the getaway driver. 

The pair had several successful robberies until they ran out of luck, and they were caught. The lovers were arraigned, and John was sentenced to two years in prison.

A man giving a woman a piggyback ride. | Photo: Getty Images


Mary was given a ten-year jail term. However, there was a discrepancy when they got to jail, and their sentences were misconstrued such that John got ten years and Mary two. 

She tried convincing him to report to the authorities so that the issue could be rectified, but he declined and chose to stay in jail for ten years. After two years, Mary got out but continued to visit John until his ten years were done.


The pair relocated to a new city, started a new life, and put robbery behind them. John and Mary lived a happy marital life and had children and grandchildren. 

During their 50th anniversary, many well-wishers and family members gathered, celebrating their love. Then one person, fascinated by their love story, asked for the secret. Mary replied: 

"Well... you know you have found the One when you finish each other's sentences."


Here's a second joke about a man who entered a bar and saw a jar filled with 10 dollar bills. He approached the bartender wanting to know what the jar was about. The barman asked the man for his 10 dollar bill first, and he obliged. 

The bartender told him that he has to complete three tasks before he could get all the money in the jar. He continued explaining that anyone interested in the challenge would have to drink a bottle of tequila in under 60 seconds without flinching.


The other two tasks were to remove the bad tooth from an angry pitbull, then sleep with a 90-year-old lady. The man did not like any of the options but later gave in to the challenge. 

He quickly gulped the tequila under 60 seconds without making faces, then headed upstairs to the bulldog. There was a lot of commotion coming from his direction, but he eventually returned drunk and bloodied. He said to the bartender:

"I did it! Now, where's that old lady with the bad tooth!"

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