March 16, 2021

Story of the Day: Woman Does Not Want to Let Her Friend Wear Her Engagement Ring

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This story of the day is about a woman who is protective of her engagement ring and got into a fight with her friend for trying to snatch her ring off her finger.

Getting married for most people is the happiest news ever. Some persons guide their love life with utmost jealousy and care. Aubrey and Jeremy have been dating for five years, since their first year in college.

Aubrey has dreamed about the day Jeremy will pop the question and seal their love. Three weeks ago, Jeremy fulfilled her dream and went down on one knee. She could not believe her eyes that she was finally getting engaged to the love of her life.


Photo of happy couple smiling | Photo: Pexels

Aubrey loves her ring and does not take it off. She works in the medical field, which means she has to wash her hands often and sanitize them, which is the only time she takes off her ring. Even when she takes her ring off, she keeps it on her desk to see it and ensure that it is safe.


Things have been going on well until a few days ago. Aubrey has a colleague with who she has grown close. She and Tish have become friends over the years and share things, including secrets, together.

Photo of someone showing off ring | Photo: Pexels


Recently, Aubrey has been growing distant from Tish because she realized that their lifestyles were different, and the latter held a different moral perspective from hers.

Despite their different views, Aubrey has kept things polite and straightforward with Tish, although they still talk at the office. The newly-engaged lady mentioned the news to her "friend," and Tish asked to see her ring.

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After seeing the ring, Tish gushed over it and said she liked it. Although Aubrey was concerned, she tried not to overthink it. Some days later, while Aubrey washed her hands, Tish picked up the ring from the desk and wore it on her fingers.

Seeing it, Aubrey was shocked and uncomfortable. Tish raved about how much the ring was a good fit for her, and she loved it. Aubrey tried to be funny and asked her not to get any ideas about the ring.

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Aubrey was unhappy with Tish wearing her ring, although she tried to play it down and act normal. She felt she was overprotective about her ring and everything was not a big deal.

The next day, Aubrey was walking past Tish, and she asked to see the ring again. The lady stretched her fingers for her friend to have a look, but she wanted to wear it again.

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Aubrey told her that she was not comfortable with it, and Tish felt she was overprotective. They got into a fight and have stopped being on talking terms. Was Aubrey truly overprotective?

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