Daily Joke: KFC Representative Manages to Arrange a Meeting with the Pope

Cathrine Mabvudza
Mar 15, 2021
07:20 P.M.
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When KFC managed to arrange a meeting with the Pope, they sent in their best legal representative with an offer the church couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, negotiations didn't go as smoothly as planned.


KFC decided it was time to expand its brand and sent Cyril to visit the Pope. Cyril is their best legal representative and has never failed to secure a client. Cyril waited until he received the papal blessing, and then he whispered to the Pope:

"Your Eminence, KFC will donate $100 million to the church if you change the Lord's Prayer from 'give us this day our daily bread' to give us this day our daily chicken."

Photo of KFC restaurant. | Source: Pixabay/Denys Vitali


The Pope fervently refused the offer and reminded Cyril that the Lord's Prayer could not be changed because it comes from the Lord's word. Cyril smiled and responded:

"Your Holiness, I anticipated your resistance, so I came prepared. KFC will donate $300 million if you change the Lord's Prayer to 'give us this day our daily chicken.'"


The Pope shook his head yet again and reiterated that it was not up to him to change the word of the Lord. Cyril was not deterred and responded:

"Most Holy Father, I respect your devotion to the Lord, but if I may, I have one more offer of $500 million if you change the Lord's Prayer in our favor."


The following day, the Pope called a meeting with the College of Cardinals and told them he had good news and bad news to share.

He started, "The good news is the church just received a $500 million donation." When the Pope fell silent momentarily, one of the Cardinals asked, "and the bad news, Holy Father?" The Pope responded,

"We've lost the Wonder Bread account."



Albert Einstein was on his way to speak at an important science conference, but he was tired of the monotony and expressed his sentiments to his driver, with whom he shared a strikingly uncanny resemblance.

The driver sympathized with his boss and agreed, "You're right. I've attended all the conferences with you, and even though I don't know anything about science, I could even give the speech for you."

Einstein's face lit up, and he took the driver up on his offer. The two men exchanged clothes, and when they arrived at the conference, Einstein's driver took center stage while Einstein joined the audience.


The speech went great until one scientist, wishing to impress everyone, stood up and asked a difficult question hoping Einstein wouldn't be able to answer it. The whole room went silent until the driver responded:


"Sir, that's such an easy question that I'm even going to let my driver reply  for me."



A businessman was thrilled when it was finally time to re-paint the office walls but he was baffled when he found the handyman painting while wearing two winter jackets in the middle of summer.

Concerned by the odd behavior, the businessman asked the handyman why he was dressed in warm layers on a hot summer's day. The handyman smiled and pointed at the instructions on the can of paint which read:

"Put on two coats for best results."

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