March 20, 2021

Stephanie Mills' Special Needs Son Farad Looks Cute With Afro Hair Posing With Her Manager

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Music star Stephanie Mills showed off her special needs son in a new post where he looked radiant rocking his curly tresses and posing with loved ones. 

Stephanie Mills' special needs son, Farad, was a delight on Instagram, showing off his curls as he posed with his star mom and some friends while enjoying a fun hangout.

Farad looked cool, rocking a green GAP polo shirt and a pair of jean trousers. He sported a pair of sneakers while leaving his tight curls fanning his temple. 

Stephanie Mills performs on stage during the Aretha Franklin Tribute in 2018 in New Jersey | Source: Getty Images


In the first photo, the youngster posed with his mom's pal and manager, Amp Harris, where the pair presented peace signs. The next slide showed Mills and two of her team members. The star mom captioned:

"My guys! My son and manager @ampharris in the studio today. Thank you to producer and super talented keyboard player Marcus…"


Outside her sterling career that has spanned five decades and more, Mills holds motherhood as her highest priority. The star is glad to be able to use her platform to impact lives, but talking about her son makes her more elated.

Farad was born with Down syndrome, but according to Mills, he functions on a high level. She once noted that he loved to joke and was a fun person to be around. Mills also shared that her son was Harris' assistant, so he gets to travel a lot with her.

Farad has also inspired Mills in many ways. 


The Grammy-winning singer opened up about getting criticized when she had her son. She recalled that many questioned her actions for giving birth at the age of 45. She was also scrutinized on how she would take care of a special needs child.

However, the star stayed undaunted, seeing that Farad was her greatest gift. She stated that having her son saved her life and helped her know love like never before. 


Mills gushed at another time, stating that being a mom was her most outstanding achievement. The star relayed that she lost both parents but found companionship in her teenage boy. 

Even though she has her hands full taking care of Farad, the 63-year-old has proved to be a super mom. She handles her duties and an active music career that includes tours.

Farad has also inspired Mills in many ways. One of her projects was a children's book which she dedicated to the young boy. She also shows expertise in fashion, working on a clothing line for petite women.