March 24, 2021

Daily Joke: Elderly Widow and Widower Have Dinner Together at an Activity Center

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There were two elderly persons living in an aged care home named Peter and Chona. He was a widower, and she was a widow. They kept in touch for a long time and grew close.

One evening, a community dinner was held in the city's big activity center. Peter and Chona sat opposite each other at the same table. Both of them looked great in their outfits.

Throughout the meal, Peter continued to look admiringly at Chona. Eventually, he mustered up the courage to ask her: "Chona, I have been in love with you for a long time. Will you marry me?"

Man standing beside the woman on swing. | Photo: Pexels


She was stunned by Peter's statement and could not believe what he had said. However, after a dramatic pause and several seconds of deliberate thought, Chona said yes.

The dinner was over. After more enjoyable conversations, the new couple left for their homes. The next day, Peter was disturbed. He couldn't recall whether Chona had said yes or no.

Old couple walking while holding hands. | Photo: Pexels


Peter could not recall anything, no matter how hard he tried. Panicked, he called Chona on the phone. The first thing Peter told her was that he could not remember everything like he used to.

Afterward, he reviewed the awe-inspiring night just gone. Eventually, Peter gained a little more courage. He asked her what she had said when he proposed to her last night.

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Chona responded that she was glad that he had called. When Peter asked her why she explained that she also couldn't remember who had proposed to her last night.

Meanwhile, here's another joke that will make you laugh even more today. This joke is entitled "Instructions Amiss." Have a great time reading!

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A man named Jerry went to his shrink because of marital problems. The shrink instructed him to make passionate love to his wife Gretchen as soon as he got home.

Jerry went back to the shrink two weeks later. The shrink then asked him how it went. To which he responded, "My wife didn't have anything to say, but her bridge club got a kick out of it."

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