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Daily Joke: A Guy Makes Bets with a Bar Owner

Stephen Thompson
Mar 24, 2021
11:50 P.M.
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A guy drinking at a bar decides to make a wager with the bar owner, one bet turned to two, and two turned three, but nothing is as it seems.


A man walks into a bar. He spots another man at the end of the bar and moves to sit next to him. Aside from the two men, there were no other patrons in the bar.

The men spoke for about five minutes before the newcomer moved to the other end of the bar. The bar owner noticed and approached him to ask if he would like a drink.

A man looking behind him in a bar. | Photo: Shutterstock

A man looking behind him in a bar. | Photo: Shutterstock


The man requested a beer, and when it was delivered, he launched into a rant of how much the man he had been speaking to complained about his life.

The man told the barman that the complainant thinks his life is rough when it was pretty easy in reality. The bartender fixed him with a steady gaze before admitting to seeing the man almost every day of the week.

He wanted to know what the man's occupation was. The man admitted that he made bets for a living and offered a demonstration the barman graciously accepted.


The man bets the bartender $5 that he could bite his right eye, and after the barman agreed, the man took his glass eye out and held it between his teeth.

The barman graciously bore his loss, but the man was not finished. He gave the bartender a chance to win his money back— he said, "I'll bet you $5 I can bite my left eye."


Tempted, the barman agreed, after which the man promptly took his fake teeth out of his mouth to clamp them over his left eye. The bartender once again conceded victory.

He quickly attempted to shake the man off by telling him he could not afford to make more bets. The man once again offers the barman an opportunity to win back his money.

He bet him that for $10, he would leave a bottle on the bar, walk six feet away, then pee directly into it without spilling a drop. The bartender was excited.


He agreed, and the man walked 6 feet from the bar, dropped his pants, and peed all over everything in sight. The bar, stools, and floor were all touched, but the bottle remained clean. The bartender burst out laughing, glad he had won his money back.

At the same time, the man at the other end of the bar fainted. The bartender looked at his prone form and wondered what had happened to him. The man replied:

"Oh, he'll be alright. I just bet him $1000 that I could piss all over you and your bar and you'd laugh about it."


Here's another joke about a man who walked into a bar and requested a martini. Before he drank it, he gently removed the olive, carefully putting it into a glass jar.

He ordered several more martinis, and he repeated the same motion of getting rid of the olive before drinking them. An hour later, he was full of martinis as he staggered out, carrying the jar containing a lot of olives.

One customer who watched the spectacle told the barman he had never seen something so peculiar. The bartender did not share his view, and he replied that the man's wife had sent him out for a jar of olives.

Source: Jokeswarehouse, Jokeswarehouse

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