April 01, 2021

Clara Berry, KJ Apa's Girlfriend Is a Model — Look inside the 'Riverdale' Star's Personal Life

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Clara Berry and KJ Apa have been together for several months now, and they don't seem to be slowing down. Find out the details of their charming romance.

KJ Apa has been off the market for some time, and his female fans have no one but Clara Berry to thank for it. The pair have been in a committed relationship for some time now, but not many know how it came to be.

The pair are currently at the top of their games career-wise. Berry is four years older than Apa, but age is just a number, and they both seem to be completely enamored with each other. 

Luke Perry (L) and K. J. Apa attend the Build Series to discuss "Riverdale" at Build Studio on October 8, 2018 | Photo: Getty Images



Clara Berry is a model with a considerable amount of recognition in the business. Some years ago, she studied fashion in France while modeling as a hobby— it helped pay her bills.  

Even though her face had a classic beauty to it, Berry was at a disadvantage, thanks to her height. At 5'7, she is shorter than the average model, but that did not stop her from her showcasing her talent. 


Her height may have been a disadvantage, but Berry found something to take the edge off it— social media. The talented model has a large following on Instagram, and it was on the app that Ash Mosley of PRESENT MODEL MANAGEMENT (London) found her. 

Reinhart is also taking time to herself. She has chosen to remain single and just recently came out as bisexual.

The two got acquainted, and after a brief exchange of text with the agent, Berry was signed. She moved to the UK one week after and kept working to build her portfolio, which now identifies Off White, Diesel, Viktor, Rolf, and Tommy Hilfiger, among others, as her clients. At 27, she has worked for quite a number of streetwear and swimwear brands. 




Berry and Apa went Instagram official with their relationship back in February 2020. Before revealing their relationship, Apa had teased his relationship with Berry in one of WIRED's "Autocomplete Interview." 

The interview was shared on YouTube in December 2019, and in it, the "Riverdale" actor admitted that he was in love. He said, "KJ Apa is doing great. He's very much in love right now." 


He said nothing about who his beau was, but after his fans put on their investigative goggles, they suspected Berry after Apa was caught liking all her Instagram photos. Some months later, the couple had their big reveal.

Apa posted a since-deleted shot of himself snuggled against the French model and captioned it with a French statement that means "love at first sight." 


After that, things died down. The two did not share each other's photos on their respective pages, and rumors started circling that they were over. They both dissipated the rumors swirling with nude pictures of the model sunbathing shared on Instagram.

In the comment section, Berry wrote "jtm," which is shorthand for "Je t'aime," a French expression meaning "I love you." They went quiet again after the demonstration until Apa posted a shot of them to celebrate her birthday. 

In his caption, the loved-up actor referred to her as his love, once again banishing speculations on their relationship and proving that they both just prefer to leave their love life private. 



This year, there have only been a few posts about their relationship on their respective pages; however, they are still very much together and in love. They were pictured recently in Vancouver, strolling hand in hand while dressed in colorful ensembles.


The successful model had endured 14 days of quarantine just to be with her boo, who has been filming the 5th season of "Riverdale" in Vancouver, Canada. 



Prior to his relationship with Berry, Apa was romantically linked to actress Britt Robertson. The pair was caught displaying a healthy amount of PDA amid the crowd at Entertainment Weekly's Comic-Con 2019 party.

They were pictured exchanging a kiss, and they looked loved up as they walked together hand in hand. They were also sighted having a great time chatting with his "Riverdale" co-stars, including Camila Mendes.


Speaking of "Riverdale" co-stars, Apa is not the only one who is in a relationship. Some of them are in relationships with each other, including Mendes, who dated Charles Melton before moving on to Grayson Vaughn.

Cole Sprouse has been in an on-again-off-again relationship with his co-star Lili Reinhart for some time now; however, the two seem to be done since Sprouse was pictured walking arm-in-arm with Canadian model Ari Fournier.

Reinhart is also taking time to herself. She has chosen to remain single and just recently came out as bisexual. Another co-star, Casey Cott, is currently engaged. He is normally tight-lipped about his private life, so not much is known about his mystery woman.