March 30, 2021

'Dark Shadows' Actor Robert Rodan Dies at 83 & Is the Show's 4th Star to Pass Away This Year

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The actor who played the Frankenstein monster in "Dark Shadows" died from heart failure. The show has laid three of its other cast members to rest this year.  

The "Dark Shadows" star Robert Rodan died from heart failure at the age of 83. Rodan played the role of the Frankenstein-like monster in the horror soap opera from 1968. He is the fourth "Dark Shadows" actor to die this year. 

Dark Shadow News announced the sad news of his passing on social media. They shared that the actor died in Oregon and that his ashes will be scattered in Catalina Island. 

Screenshot of Robert Rodan during an interview from December 24, 2014. | Source: Youtube.com/Collinsport1966



The "Dark Shadows" cast is growing smaller as time goes on as Rodan is one of the numerous actors from the show who died in the last six weeks. Still, the show mourns the loss deeply as the tweet posted reads

"We're sad to share the news that #DarkShadows actor Robert Rodan has died at the age of 83. Robert played the Frankenstein-esque Adam during on the show in 1968."

Christopher Pennock, who played the roles of  Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde characters and Geoffrey Scott, known as the character Sky Rumson died ahead of their co-star, leaving the show reeling in the wake of their actors' deaths. 




Rodan was known beyond his Frankenstein monster role as he was seen in "The Minx" that hit the cinema in 1969. The actor left his job in front of the camera in the 1980s to try his hand at real estate. 

Pennock was an educated man as he graduated from New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

Despite his full-time job in the housing market, Roden still featured in "Dark Shadows" in the years that followed, participating in fan discussions and taking part in the audio drama centered around the show in the 2000s. 



The "Dark Shadows" fanbase has been thrown into mourning as it is still recovering from Scott and Pennock's loss. Both these actors who starred alongside Rodan also lived full lives in front and behind the camera. 

Scott died on February 23, 2021, one day after he celebrated his 79th birthday. Besides his role as Sky Rumson, Scott was well known for his part in "Dynasty" in 1982. His last role was in the 2003 "Hulk." 



Just a few days before Scott's death, "Dark Shadows" also lost their Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde character. Pennock died at the age of 76 after being diagnosed with melanoma last year. He spent a short period of time in the hospital. 

Pennock's "Dark Shadows" colleague and long-time friend David Selby shared some insight into the person that Pennock was behind the scenes after his death. The actor wrote on his blog: 

“Chris was the most fun loving, generous and kind man with a great smile. He was the kind of person this world needs more of."



Kathryn Leigh Scott, another alum from the horror-themed soap opera, also shared her thoughts on the actor after his passing. She took to social media to say how overwhelmed she is by the loss of Pennock. 

Pennock was an educated man as he graduated from New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After finishing his degree, he headed straight for Broadway, where he kickstarted his successful acting career.