Broadway Star Alex Weisman Returns to Work after Suffering an Eye Injury During Subway Attack

Joe Akins
Apr 08, 2021
09:20 P.M.
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Broadway Star Alex Weisman has returned to work after suffering an eye injury during a subway attack. The incident was not going to be a setback as conscious efforts were made to make him better. 


Alex Weisman is known for his incredible acting skills. His face is seen regularly on television as he stars in different movies. His acting career is one of his biggest successes.

The actor took a very short break from acting after he escaped a near-death experience where he was attacked on 103rd street by an unknown person in a subway, nearly costing him his sight as his eyes were badly damaged.

Broadway star Alex Weisman during an appearance on Suzee Behind The Scenes | Photo: YouTube/SuzeeBehindTheScenes


Weisman said he would not let the incident weigh him down as conscious efforts were made to get him back in good health by the doctors in Mount Sinai hospital.

The doctors had two options of fixing the actor's damaged eyes. They could either do incisions with traditional surgical techniques or use lasers. They went over the options with him. 


Dr. Gareth Lema of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai said Weisman came in every day to ensure the retinal detachment did not extend past the laser. Doctors were also able to use a minimally invasive approach.

The doctors seemed to be a great source of inspiration as he returned to work, starring in a hospital drama episode where he was dressed in a superhero outfit. 

He put his difficulties aside and auditioned for a new show "New Amsterdam."


Weisman said his heroes were in the healthcare and also the staff of the Mount Sinai Hospital. He further encouraged persons hit with difficulties to keep pushing and to keep going.

The 33-year-old lived by his encouragement as he put his difficulties aside and auditioned for a new show, "New Amsterdam," just two weeks after the unfortunate incident.


It was expected of him to turn down the offer due to his condition, but he stated the importance of getting back on camera. In recent times, the level of attacks on individuals by unknown persons in the subway has increased.

A suspect was arrested on Thursday after allegedly shoving a woman onto the tracks at Union Square. The Interim President of the NYC transit Sarah Feinberg had a lot to say following Thursday's incident.

She said a lot had to be done in addressing mentally ill persons in the subways. Weisman, who featured in the award-winning play and movie "The History Boy" and "Black Box," is on the road to full recovery as he is set to fully continue working.