Story of the Day: Man Doesn't Want to Invite His Parents to His Graduation

Gaone Pule
Apr 18, 2021
05:20 A.M.
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Kevin is an adopted young man who is about to graduate from college. His parents abandoned him when he was born, and he was adopted by a rich family who took care of all his needs.


Growing up into a loving family, even though it was not by blood, he found comfort in knowing that they dearly loved him despite not being their biological child.

The married couple gave him the best life possible and set him up for life. Kevin attended one of the elite universities in the world. He made his parents proud by being focused on school and participating in sports such as football.

A man shows a thumbs up wearing his graduation attire and beaming with pride | Source: Pixabay


Sadly, his adoptive parents died in a plane crash when he was still in high school. He was devastated to learn that they passed on more because he was close to them. It even affected his performance in school.

However, he still had his adoptive grandparents who carried him through the storm and loved him as his parents did. He eventually found solace in knowing he still had people who cared about him. 

With his graduation coming up, there is no doubt that his grandparents will take front-row seats to witness their grandson's milestone. Kevin, 21, is graduating with a Degree in Architecture.

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However, his first love is football, but he completed the qualification to have something to fall back on one day. Miraculously, his biological parents learned through the grapevines that their son is graduating and could become a football star one day.

They managed to track him down with the help of a nurse who delivered him before they left him at the hospital the day he was born. The couple already contacted his grandparents and asked about his graduation.

As expected, they were not happy to hear from them, seeing that they were absent during his entire upbringing. The pair did not tell Kevin about his biological parents immediately because they believed it would only bring a rift and resentment emotions.


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Moreover, they were baffled to learn that his parents suddenly had an interest in their grandchild's life, whereas they could not care less about leaving him when he was just an infant.


While raising Kevin, the adoptive parents were upfront about where he comes from and did not keep him in the dark about who he is. However, after learning how he was abandoned, Kevin developed resentment towards his biological parents, although he had never met them.

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Now that they are back in the picture, it will be up to him to figure out how he comes to terms with the idea that they are now interested in his life, a life they failed to give him.

Unlike his adoptive parents, they are not as wealthy and are hardly getting by. It does not have a good look because it appears they now want to cash in, seeing that he already grew up in a well-off family and is about to become even comfortable because of his career choices.

As graduation day nears by, Kevin's adoptive family sat him down and told him about his biological parents, who want to see him graduate despite not being there for him.


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He did not receive the news well and was outraged and made it clear that he does not want anything to do with them because of how they left him. Kevin believes his birth parents could have kept him regardless of having money or not.

He made it clear to his grandparents that the only two people who will see him off on stage are them. Kevin never felt a void left by his real parents because he received it from those who really wanted him.

Like Kevin, another man disinvited his parents to his wedding day because they did not get along with their future daughter-in-law, so he chose her instead.