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Daily Joke: Hilarious Quotes About Getting Older

Lois Oladejo
Apr 16, 2021
04:50 P.M.
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Two older women had things to say about the years ticking on. One jotted ten things she noticed as she aged, and the older gave seven ways of growing old the right way.

The first woman said she talked to herself because she needed expert advice. Secondly, she said she rolled her eyes out loudly. Again, she added that she did not need anger management; rather, she needed people to use a bit of common sense and stop being silly.

Fourth on the list was that her people skills were just fine and that it was tolerance and her stupidity that needed some more work. She added that the biggest lie she told herself was that she did not read to write things down and remember them.

An old lady with glasses and a big hat posing for a portrait.| Photo: Pixabay.


The sixth was that she thought nap time was punishment when she was a child, but now she realized that it was like a mini-vacation.

Again, she said that the day the world would run out of wine was very terrible to think about. She also added that duct tape could not fix silly, but it could muffle the sound.

Woman resting her face on her hand while staring sadly. | Photo: Getty Images


She further added that it would have been great to put herself in the drier for 20 minutes and come out three sizes smaller and without wrinkles. Finally, she said that getting lucky for her meant walking into a room and remembering why she was there.

Another older woman explained the right way to get older in 7 ways. Firstly, she said thinking about oneself and being clear about what one truly wanted was very important.

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She also said that wearing purple was one of the right ways to grow older. She stated one poem that went: "When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple, with a red hat that doesn't go and doesn't suit me."

She also made mention of using everything and putting everything that life taught her into everyday living. Again, she said being a novice and always wanting to learn new things was vital.

An upclose portrait of an elderly woman. | Photo: Pixabay


She added that assumptions were bad and that believing what was true was key in getting old the right way. She also said that keeping good company and having a lot of fun was important because if not done, negative assumptions made about being an older person would come true. 

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