Story of the Day: Woman Wants Her Younger Sister to Move Out

Rebelander Basilan
Apr 24, 2021
01:00 P.M.
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Danica's younger sister Ericka recently graduated from college but is still struggling to find work in her field. In order to earn some extra money, Ericka is taking odd jobs.


As a child, Ericka attempted modeling, and she has been thinking about doing this again. Meanwhile, Danica lives with her husband Kevin in Los Angeles, and they both work at the same law firm.

One day, Danica's mother Rochelle convinced her to let her sister Ericka stay with them for the summer instead of hiring a babysitter for their six-year-old daughter Grace.

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She told her mother that Ericka could have a trial run babysitting her daughter, but it will depend on how well things go. A month later, Danica talked to Grace about her aunt watching her for the summer.

Grace said the babysitter she'd had for years was much nicer for her, and she wanted her back. That's when Danica told Ericka she'd need to figure out alternate plans or head back home.

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Ericka then blew up, telling Danica her actions are ruining her opportunities. However, Danica told her younger sister that she had been upfront about the situation from the outset.

She obviously doesn't want to take care of Grace.

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Danica and her family have a small two-bedroom apartment, and the babysitter usually shares the room with Grace. But Danica will not force her daughter to share the space with someone she doesn't like.

Grace really enjoys hanging out with her old babysitter Ciara. Because Ciara has dealt with children her whole life, Danica thinks she is getting better at the job she does.

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Her sister, Ericka, meanwhile, only volunteered to babysit for her daughter so she could earn a little bit of extra money to pursue her dream of modeling. She obviously doesn't want to take care of Grace.

Would you do the same thing Danica did to her younger sister if you were in her shoes? Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts in the comments section below.

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