Daily Joke: Three Men Are Sitting Naked In a Sauna

Stephen Thompson
Apr 19, 2021
07:50 P.M.
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Three naked men sitting in a sauna deliberately attempt to outdo each other in a competition to determine who is most up to date with technology— find out what happened.


Three aged men are lounging utterly naked in a sauna when they suddenly hear a beeping noise. It was coming from the first man who quickly tapped his forearm to end the sound. 

The remaining men gave him a questioning look, so he explained that the noise had come from the microchip he had implanted in his forearm. 

Towels and candles in a sauna | Photo: Pexels


A couple of minutes after, a phone rang, and the second man raised his bare palm to his ear to speak to the person on the other end of the call. 

In explanation, he said he had a microchip inserted just under the skin of his palm that acts as his cellphone. The third man could not believe his eyes. 

A man sitting in a sauna | Photo: Pixabay


He felt like he was stuck in the past while the world had improved on technology. Perplexed, the man excused himself to leave for the restroom. 

There, he found a piece of toilet paper, attached it, and returned to see his friends. They raised their brows at the spectacle, and the man quickly replied that he was getting a fax.

A bath tub in a Sauna | Photo: Pixabay


Another joke: The town drunk was walking along a beach one day when he saw a bottle stuck in the sand. He picked it up and decided to wipe the dust off it when a genie popped out. 

The genie granted the drunk three wishes for freeing him from the bottle. His first wish was for a pint of stout to suit his thirst. The stout appeared in his hands, and he greedily chugs it down.

He made to throw the cup away, but the genie cautioned him against it. The man looked again, and stout was once again in the cup.

A man walking on the beach | Photo: Pixabay


The genie explained that the glass was a magical one that would always refill itself. The drunk was intrigued, and he decided immediately what he wanted for his other two wishes— more magical cups.

Another joke: A customer service agent, an administration clerk, and their manager were all headed out for lunch when they came across an old oil lamp. They rubbed the lamp and released a genie who offered each man a wish.

The customer service agent went first; he asked to be transferred to the Bahamas where he could drive a speedboat without a care in the world, and within seconds, he got his wish. 

A group of men on the beach | Photo: Pixabay


The administration clerk wished to be in Hawaii with the love of his life lounging on the beach with an infinite supply of Pina Coladas. No sooner had he uttered the last word that he disappeared. 

Meanwhile, the manager did not want a vacation; he simply wanted the two men back in their office after 45 minutes.