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Daily Joke: A Stunning Blonde With Two Red Ears Went to Visit Her Doctor

Olawale Ogunjimi
Apr 22, 2021
05:10 A.M.
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A perfect size eight blonde model rushed to the doctor with two red ears after "accidentally" inflicting bloody injuries to her ears. Here is what the doctor had to say.


A stunning young lady with a blonde ponytail-styled hairdo ran into the emergency room a few hours after sustaining wounds on her body parts.

She told the doctor that she got the wounds from an accident that happened at home. Although the doctor could see the bloody-looking ears, he wanted more details, so he asked his patient how it happened.

A doctor talking to a patient | Photo: Shutterstock


The blonde said: "I was ironing a shirt, and the phone rang. Instead of picking up the phone, I accidentally picked up the iron and stuck it to my ear."

This was a shocking revelation, but the doctor pressed on with the same question regarding the other wounded ear. His visitor explained that the same caller phoned her twice, which led to her repeating the first mistake of sticking the iron to her other ear. 

Portrait of a young blonde lady. | Photo: Getty Images


Isn't laughing the best way to begin a day? Well, here is another blonde joke involving two women. These blonde besties were traveling for the first time on a train.

Before the trip began, they each purchased a bunch of bananas from a staff member who sold a few fruits outside the train. As the journey began, the first woman quickly peeled her fruit before the train entered through a tunnel.


When they got out on the other end, she had a puzzled look on her face. The first blonde looked at her friend and advised blonde number two not to eat the banana. The second blonde asked why, and she replied:

"I took one bite and went blind for half a minute!"

A blonde woman steps out of her car, holding a coffee cup. | Photo: Shutterstock


Still in for more jokes? Alright then, settle in for joke number three. A girl went out of town to see her new blonde-haired friend who recently got two dogs.

The visitor asked for their names, and the dog owner blurted "Rolex and Timex." These seemed like funny names to the girl, who later asked her friend why she chose such words.

The blonde dog owner looked surprised and after thinking of a proper way to reply finally answered the visitor. She screamed: "Hellooooo. They are watchdogs!"

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