Daily Joke: A Blonde Got Really Tired of All the Blonde Jokes

Laura Beatham
Apr 04, 2021
09:40 P.M.
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One day, a blonde got really tired of hearing all of the blonde jokes and was offended that everyone assumed that if someone had blonde hair, they were dumb. 


One day a blonde woman was listening to the radio and got angry that the hosts were making blonde jokes. She was getting tired of feeling like the punchline of everyone's joke. 

As she was driving along, still furious about the radio show, she noticed another blonde woman was trying to kayak in the middle of a grass field. 

A blonde woman steps out of her car, holding a coffee cup. | Photo: Shutterstock


She immediately stepped out of her car and shouted towards the blonde woman, "What do you think you are doing? It is people like you who give us blondes a bad name!"

The other woman could not hear her, but she continued and said, "You're lucky I cannot swim. Otherwise, I would be out there giving you a piece of my mind." 


Need another laugh? Here is another joke about a blonde woman who got very frustrated while trying to buy a TV from a home appliances store. 

A blonde was shopping for her new home. She asked the shop assistant if she could purchase the TV on display in the store's window. He said no and that they did not sell to blondes.


She was upset but left and came up with a plan. She dyed her hair brown and returned to the store the next day. Again she asked the shop assistant if she could buy the TV. 

However, again he told her that the store did not sell to blondes. She went home again and dyed her hair red. He would definitely sell the TV to her now. However, he once again denied her. 

She was fed up and said to him, "My hair is dyed. How could you possibly know I am a natural blonde?" He replied and said it was because it was a microwave and not a TV. 

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