Story of the Day: Child Advocate Worries about Why a Young Boy Works at a Cafe on the Weekends

Gracious Egedegbe
Apr 25, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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A young woman and her friends often visited a local restaurant, but one day, one team member felt it was wrong for a kid to work in a restaurant, which led to a scene.


Cassie recently joined a hiking team after moving into the neighborhood. Every weekend, she and the team members would go hiking and stop at a local restaurant to grab lunch.

An Asian man and his family ran the restaurant, and often, his 9-year-old son would come and work in the restaurant on weekends, supporting his dad.

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Cassie and other customers have grown fond of the 9-year-old whose name is Kim. For Cassie, Kim was his favorite in the restaurant because he made sure to add an extra scoop to her ice cream.

Recently, one of the team members from Cassie’s hike team asked if it was not odd and improper for a 9-year-old to be working on weekends rather than joining his mates to play and have fun.


Betty, the team member, explained that she was in a child advocacy group and would love her group to look into the restaurant and ensure that Kim is not missing out on being a kid.

Some group members said it was no big deal since the boy looked happy helping his parents run their family business, but Betty was becoming more insistent.


During their last trip to the restaurant, Betty brought up the topic and asked the rest what they thought about her approaching Kim’s parents and asking a few questions.

Betty got up and confronted Kim’s parents, telling them how inappropriate it was for a kid to be working on weekends when he should be doing what other kids his age are doing.


At this point, Cassie did not want to ruin her relationship with the restaurant owners since they figured Betty was a member of his team, and possibly, they all agreed with her plans.

In a loud voice, Cassie walked to the counter and yelled at Betty, telling her it was none of her business if the kid decides to work on weekends. She said Betty had no right to interfere.

Soon, a scene was created in the restaurant, and Cassie and her team had to leave. Some group members accused Cassie of overreacting, noting that she had no business interfering in Betty’s discussion. What do you think?

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