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Daily Joke: A Bat Flew Into a Cave

Afouda Bamidele
Apr 26, 2021
08:50 P.M.
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Today’s #jokeoftheday is about a vampire bat who flew into a cave after a long night of hunting for food, only to be met with a series of questions from his other bat friends. 


After a long night of foraging, a vampire bat decided to retire for the night and tiredly flapped his wings on his way home. By the time he got to the cave, he quietly found a spot on the cave roof and laid down to catch some rest.

Unfortunately, his attempt at sleeping was immediately disturbed by his bat friends, who smelt the blood on his body. In no time, they came rushing out, bombarding him with several questions.

A photo of a vampire bat. | Photo: Shutterstock


They all wanted to know where he got the blood. Exhausted from the long night, he asked his friends to leave him alone and allow him to rest, promising to let them in on the secret by the time it was morning.

However, they wouldn’t budge to his request. They kept pestering him to give up the answer. Frustrated, he stood up and sighed before letting them know he would give them their desire. He said to them, “Okay, follow me.”


Like a moth to a flame, the rest of the gang followed closely behind him as he flew out of the cave. The bat, alongside hundred others, traveled a long distance across rivers and over a forest of trees.

They went down a valley and flew over some mountains before they finally slowed down. All the other bats quipped behind him in excitement as they murmured amongst themselves about reaching the promised land.


Standing at a distance, he turned to the group and said to them, “Do you see that tree over there?” With excitement in their voices, they all screamed yes, affirming that they saw the tree. The bat then responded, “Well, I didn’t!”

In another hilarious joke, a man had his two dogs named Commonsense and Trouble. He never failed to take them to the park every evening. However, on this particular day, he chose to bring only Trouble to the park.

A man walking two dogs. | Photo: Shutterstock


On getting there, he met up with some friends, and they began playing some games. He was already engrossed when he realized Trouble wasn’t by his side. He got into a frenzy and began searching for the canine.

During his search, he came across a woman who asked him what was wrong. He told her, “I’m looking for Trouble!” Confused, the woman asked him to be clearer, and in a louder voice, he said, “I’m looking for Trouble!”

Angered by his remark, she yelled at him, “Where’s your commonsense?” Still frantically searching everywhere around for his beloved dog, the man answered, saying “at home.”