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Daily Joke: Man Decides to Paint Wooden Toilet Seat While His Wife Is Away

Comfort Omovre
Apr 19, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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A man's wife traveled, so he decided to paint their wooden toilet seat. However, she arrived earlier than he expected, causing an issue. 


After his wife traveled, a man decided to paint their wooden toilet seat. The man was expecting his wife much later, so he took his time with the painting. 

However, she arrived sooner than he expected. When she arrived, he was not at home and the woman went to use the toilet. When she sat on it, her rear got stuck to the seat. 

A young woman and her man having problem in their relationship | Photo: Shutterstock


The woman was angry and told her husband to take her to the hospital. She put on an oversized coat and hopped into the car so he could drive her to a nearby hospital. 

When they arrived, the man lifted his wife's coat so the doctor could see what the issue was. He asked the doctor if he had seen a case like hers before. The doctor replied: 

"Well, yes. But never framed." 



An older woman visited the hospital and was attended to by a young new doctor. The woman and the doctor were in the examination room for about four minutes when she ran down the hall, screaming. 

An older doctor stopped her along the hall and asked her what the matter was, and she narrated her experience to him. The more senior doctor calmed her down and asked her to relax in another room after hearing her story. 


He marched down the hallway to meet the younger doctor and asked him his problem. He told the younger doctor that the woman, Mrs. Terry, was 63 and a mother of four grown children and seven grandchildren. 

The older doctor further demanded why the younger doctor told the older woman that she was pregnant.


The younger doctor did not respond to his more senior colleague but continued to write on his clipboard. When the older doctor finished talking, the young doctor, without looking up, said:

"Does she still have the hiccups." 

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