Daily Joke: 5 Hilarious Maths Jokes to Make You Laugh

Afouda Bamidele
Apr 29, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Maths can be quite tricky for some people. However, with a different approach to the subject, one can learn about the funny side. Here are five hilarious maths jokes to make your day.


Little Junior was playing ball in the garden when he injured himself. After his mom heard him cry, she rushed outside to see the extent of the wound. She immediately dressed up and took Junior to the hospital.

On getting there, she told the doctor that her boy sprained his finger. She and Junior were directed to a nurse who helped put a splint on the finger. However, once she was told, Junior’s mom informed her that it was done on the wrong finger.

A photo of a young boy with an injured arm. | Photo: Shutterstock


She felt embarrassed and apologized profusely to the mother-son duo. After fixing the splint, she turned to Junior and his mom to ask if she got the correct finger. The little boy smiled and answered:

“That’s okay. You were only off by one digit.”



After a long day, a talking sheepdog was ready to retire home and proceeded to perform his final duty. He did a headcount of all the sheep and led them to the pen where they are kept.

Once he was done, he reported to his master, saying, “all 40 accounted for.” He turned his back to head home when his master called him to tell him that he only counted 36 sheep. The sheepdog then said, “I know. But I rounded them up.”



A scientist had been having a difficult time at work for the past week. He was barely able to research in the lab because of a constant throbbing headache. Tired of his plight, he decided to visit a pharmacist.

Once he got to the pharmacy, he asked, “Give me some prepared tablets of acetylsalicylic acid.” Confused, the pharmacist asked if it was aspirin he wanted. The scientist slapped his head and said, “That’s it! I can never remember the name!”



During a weekend hangout, an infinite number of mathematicians walked into a bar to enjoy some drink and catch up on the games. The first one approached the bartender and said, “I’ll have a beer.”

The second mathematician immediately interjected, saying he would have half a beer. Suddenly, the third one spoke up, asking for a quarter of a beer. Before the others could speak, the barman proceeded to pour two glasses of beer.

A photo of a mug of beer. | Photo: Shutterstock


He pushed it forward to them and said to the group, “Come on, now. You guys have got to learn your limits.” Finally, a dad asked his son if he heard about the mathematician who was afraid of negative numbers.

The son thought long about it and told his father he had not heard of it before. The man smiled and told his son that he hadn’t heard about such a situation because a mathematician would do anything to avoid them.