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Story of the Day: Man Kicks Out His Mistress After Getting Her Pregnant, But His Wife Decided Otherwise

Bettina Dizon
May 07, 2021
12:25 P.M.
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Today's #storyoftheday is about a married man, Marcus, who impregnated his mistress and kicked her out of his home, not knowing she was capable of revenge.


Marcus had always been known for his carefree and friendly ways with women. He was the type of man who would date around without committing to one relationship and live every day like it would be his last, but everything changed when he met Misha.

She was his polar opposite -- responsible, studious, and ambitious. They crossed paths as college was ending and instantly hit it off despite their different personalities. Marcus became more dedicated to his goals while proving his loyalty to Misha.

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As she aspired to become a lawyer, Misha applied to different law schools to pursue the legal route; hence, before getting busy with school work, the couple decided to tie the knot and move in together.

The career woman already gave her husband a heads up about what's to come while she studied law, noting that she would be busy but would still come home after class and be a dedicated wife.

While she was attending class, Marcus went to work in a consultancy firm, where he worked under the corporate finance department. During one of his client meetings, he met a company's representative, Freya.


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At first, Marcus and Freya kept everything professional and only talked about business-related matters, but as Misha got busier, her husband felt more like a free man. Nevertheless, Misha never missed out on her husband's needs, even making sure she cooked and ate dinner with him every night.


It was a no-brainer for Misha to leave her husband.

During one of their meetings, Marcus noticed that Freya seemed to have deep thoughts while he discussed. Being polite, he asked if something was wrong, to which she opened up about her relationship problems.

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As Marcus already knew about Freya's problems, she felt more comfortable talking to him about them until eventually finding solace in his presence. Similarly, Marcus felt closer to Freya as he had time to spare while his wife focused on school work.

What was supposedly business meetings turned into casual conversations, and later, after-work drinks. Marcus and Freya began a relationship that became increasingly intimate. On nights that Misha had to stay out late to study, Freya would come over.

Their affair went on for four months until one morning, Freya appeared on Marcus' doorstep. "I'm pregnant," she revealed. "You're going to be a father -- and we're going to be parents!"


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Thinking it would be great news for Marcus, Freya was let down to a big sigh. Her joy turned into sadness when he revealed that he did not want a child. "Please leave and never come back," he told her.


Freya was shocked and initially fueled by anger at how her lover could simply neglect her in an instant. She knocked at the door again, only to be greeted by an angry Marcus who grabbed her by the wrist and said:

"I will never be the father of that child, so if you have an ounce of remorse left for what is inside of you, have an abortion."

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Freya immediately left Marcus' sight but did not leave the building. With her blood boiling in anger and heart shattered into pieces, she sat by the stairs of the building and cried as she thought about what to do next.

Slowly, a woman walking up the stairs ran into her and asked if she was alright. At first, Freya claimed that everything was alright, but after the woman sat down and began consoling her, she opened up about her pregnancy, revealing that the child's father wants nothing to do with them.

The woman tried to comfort Freya, claimed she could help and invited her for a cup of chamomile tea with calming effects. She introduced herself as a graduating law student with powerful connections. "I'm Misha. What's your name?" she said.


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When Misha entered her home with Marcus waiting by the kitchen, he was stunned to see his mistress trailing behind his wife. Misha introduced Freya as a woman she found crying by their apartment stairs and needed help.


Marcus acted like he never met the woman and asked what had happened. With hatred in her eyes, Freya explained that her lover got her pregnant and forced her to abort the child, leaving her alone and confused.

After serving her tea, Misha gave Freya her calling card and said that she had a strong case against the man, adding that as her final days as a law student comes to a close, she can help an attorney in Freya's case, should she choose to file papers.



The following day, Marcus visited Freya and begged for forgiveness, asking her not to expose the truth to Misha. He claimed that he loved Freya and would continue their relationship, adding that he was just shocked to hear the pregnancy news, hence his reaction.

Freya was happy to hear his lover come around but told him that she would keep their child. Marcus agreed and gave his mistress vitamins to ensure that the pregnancy would be healthy. But Freya was smarter than he.

She could see how easily Marcus could let go of their relationship for his wife. Immediately, she brought the supposed vitamins to a lab and found out that they were abortion pills. Fueled by anger, she called Misha to set up an appointment with the lawyer.


The two women met the following day, and Freya told the truth about Marcus and their child. It was a no-brainer for Misha to leave her husband, but she wanted to do it in a way he would never forget. Misha's first case as a lawyer became her divorce from her husband, Marcus. 

Do you think Freya's revenge was justifiable, or should she have not ruined a marriage? Men should always treat their wives with respect and remain loyal regardless of the circumstances. For a similar story, find out what happened to a man who asked his wife to get plastic surgery.