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Daily Joke: 10 Men and 1 Woman Need to Make a Difficult Decision

Lois Oladejo
Apr 30, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Ten men and one woman were hanging on to a rope when that dropped from a helicopter. One person needed to leave the rope because it wasn't strong enough to hold all eleven people.


Eleven people held on to a rope from a helicopter, but they needed a volunteer to release his or her grip because if they didn't, all of them might die, seeing as the rope wasn't strong enough to hold all eleven.

Being the only female, this lady volunteered to release her grip, but she first gave a touching speech. She talked about how she was willing to sacrifice her life for other people, noting that this was common among women.


Women are known to give up things for their husbands and even their children without expecting anything in return. This speech touched the other men, and when the woman stopped talking, they all clapped for her. 

No one knows if that speech was a trick or not, but at least someone was saved. Read this other joke about two ladies talking about their husbands.


Two ladies met to discuss their living conditions. The first woman said she was no longer living together with her husband. Curious, the other lady asked why they no longer lived together. 

The first woman replied with her question, asking if her friend could live with someone that drinks, smokes weed, uses curse words, and on top of that, had no job. The friend replied in the negative, leading the first woman to say:

"Well, he [her husband] couldn't either!"

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Here's another joke about a couple: A man told his wife that he invited his friend over for dinner, and this got the woman riled up because the house was a mess. 

She pointed this out to her husband. The woman told him she hasn't been shopping, the dishes were dirty, and she doesn't even feel like cooking any fancy meal.

Couple drinking coffee. | Photo: Pexels


The husband acknowledged everything his wife said, affirming that he was aware, making his wife curious about why he invited the friend for dinner. The husband then said he invited his friend over because: 

"The poor fool's thinking about getting married."

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