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Daily Joke: Worker Sends a Letter to His Boss Asking to Increase His Salary

Busayo Ogunjimi
May 05, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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A worker who wanted a raise from his boss during the pandemic sent him a letter where he replaced the letter S with the $ hoping to pass his message across, but his boss had his response.


A man had worked in a firm for three years and felt he needed a raise. The pandemic meant most persons lost their jobs while those harboring hopes of a raise dropped it, but the man refused to let go.

He came up with a plan and wrote his boss a letter where he subtly asked for a raise by replacing the letter S with the dollar sign. He ended his letter by saying he was sure his boss understood his message.

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He got a response from his boss, who equally declined his request by writing a capital "NO" where ever the letter occurred. His boss ended his letter by noting:

"you kNOw what I mean."



A man was sitting in a bar and observed some people using sign language to communicate. He also observed that the bartender was responding to the group using sign language.

After a while, the bartender came to him for his order, but the man, a little puzzled, asked the former how he had learned to use sign language. The bartender calmly told him that the group were regular customers and had taught him to speak in sign language.


Some moments later, the man observed that the group across waved their hands in a wild manner. The bartender, with an angry look, sighed and said, "now cut that out! I warned you!" he threw the group out of the bar.

The man was surprised at what he witnessed and asked the bartender why he had done that. The bartender said, "If I told them once I told them 100 times - no singing in the bar!"

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