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4-Year-Old Boy Buys $2,600 Worth of Spongebob Popsicles on Mom's Amazon Account

Christell Fatima M. Tudtud
May 07, 2021
02:20 P.M.
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A boy in Brooklyn, New York caught social media's attention after spending $2,600 worth of SpongeBob Squarepants popsicles out of his love for the Nickelodeon cartoon character.


Noah Bryant, a four-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York, reportedly purchased $2,600 worth of Spongebob Squarepants popsicles from Amazon and sent them to his aunt's house.

While the little boy's online shopping spree of frozen treats may be adorable to social media users, it left his mother, Jennifer Bryant, scratching her head.

A stack of popsicles on the table. | Photo: Pixabay


Kate Schloss, one of Jennifer's friends, recently set up a GoFundMe page so the latter can pay the Amazon order of 51 boxes containing 918 popsicles. Noah is one of Jennifer's three children.

Shloss said Jennifer is a social work student at New York University who can't afford to pay off the non-refundable items immediately because she has student loans and family expenses to prioritize. The post read:

"Ms. Bryant, mom to 3 boys, doesn't know how she's going to be able to pay this off..."


As of this writing, the GoFundMe page ballooned to $10,805, significantly exceeding the amount set by Schloss. She thanked all the kind individuals who donated.

Since the donations received were larger than expected, Schloss said all of the remaining and incoming donations from the page will be used for Noah's education and related expenses.

A close-up picture of a Barbie doll. | Photo: Pixabay


Noah is one of the many children who took advantage of their parents' credit cards secretly. Another six-year-old girl from Utah ordered about $400 worth of toys through her mom's Amazon account.

Katelyn Lunt treated herself with tons of Barbie dolls, games, and toys. Her mom, Catherine, initially ordered a doll for her daughter as a reward for doing a chore and was surprised to find out the latter ordered more behind her back.

A picture of a credit card. | Photo: Pixabay


In another story, a mother from Detroit, Michigan, was shocked when her two children ordered $700 worth of toys without her knowledge. They used the virtual assistant Alexa to make the order.

Veronica Estell said her kids, Cam and Aryssa, admitted they bought toys from Amazon with the use of her credit card. The kids purchased several dolls, batteries, and PJ Masks figurines.

A child playing with a toy. | Photo: Pixabay

The incident caused Estell to panic, but her mood lightened up later. She asked her kids why they didn't order anything for her. Luckily, she was able to cancel the order and received a refund.

In another story of motherhood nightmare, a woman went viral after spending 20 hours trying to free her daughter's hair from multiple sticky toys stuck in it.