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Daily Joke: A Young Man Wanted to Buy a Pair of Expensive Gloves for His Sweetheart's Birthday

Joe Akins
May 07, 2021
08:00 P.M.
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A man decided to get his sweetheart a pair of expensive gloves for her birthday with a written note. The gloves got swapped with a pair of underwear, and the underwear was delivered with the note. The content of the letter was very hilarious.


A young man thought of buying a beautiful and expensive pair of gloves for his sweetheart on her birthday so he went into an expensive boutique and bought the finest of gloves available.

Alongside a letter he had written, he asked the saleswoman to have them delivered. Sadly, the clerk mixed it up while wrapping the package. The expensive gloves were swapped with a pair of underwear.

A set of Victoria Secrets underwear | Photo: Unsplash


The clerk had the underwear alongside the note delivered to the man's sweetheart. In the note, the man said he had tried hard to come up with a special gift for her birthday.

However, he chose the one he sent because she does not wear any when they go out on outings. The man noted that he wanted to get the long ones with buttons, but since her sister wore the short ones, he decided to get the same.

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He went on about how the sales lady gave him some important care tips. After usage, she had to air the gift, then put it away to dry because it is bound to be damp from wearing.

Also, she will need to put them on whenever they are being cleaned so as to prevent shrinking. He said the sales lady made an impression on him, and because of that, he asked her to try them on.

A man comforting someone by embracing her gently | Photo: Shutterstock


According to the letter, the saleslady looked awesome in them and that made him imagine how much they would fit his sweetheart. Furthermore, he could not wait to run his hands through them and kiss them.

He concluded by hoping she loves them and would wear them for him the next Friday night. He asked her not to forget to them folded since it is the latest style.

A man kissing the love of his life. | Photo: Pexels



After being married for thirty-five years, a couple came for counseling. When asked about the problem, the wife angrily listed everything that was wrong with their marriage.

She went on and on about their lack of intimacy, neglect, loneliness, emptiness, and various other problems that have hindered the growth of their relationship. When she was done, the therapist stood up.

A married couple sitting together in a psychologist office sharing opinions and experiences | Photo: Shutterstock


The therapist asked the wife to stand, and when she did, to everyone's dismay, he hugged and kissed her passionately while the husband watched. Stunned, the woman quietly sat down. Then, the therapist turned to look at the husband.

He told him that was what his wife needs at least three times a week, and asked if he could do it. The husband looked up and told the therapist he would drop her off every Monday and Wednesday, but he had to golf on Fridays.

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