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Idaho Teacher Who Disarmed Student in School Shooting Felt an Angel on Her Shoulder, Father Said

Joe Akins
May 10, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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The Idaho teacher who saved the day by disarming a sixth-grade student during a shooting incident revealed she felt an angel was directing her.


Rigby Middle School teacher Krista Gneiting not only became a hero but also endeared herself to the hearts of thousands within her community, who hailed her for her brave efforts.

During a shooting incident, last week involving a sixth-grade student, the middle school teacher confronted and disarmed the shooter, a move that has been praised as brave.

A teacher gets the full attention of her pupils in class | Photo: Pixabay


The student pulled a gun out of her backpack and opened fire after 9 a.m., only to be subdued by a brave Gneiting who said she felt an angel was on her shoulder.

Her father spoke to Fox News, revealing that his daughter said that she felt an angel was telling her what to do at that moment, inspiring her to be brave.


The female 6th-grade student injured three individuals with her handgun before being confronted by Gneiting, who was within the school premises when the incident occurred.

Gneiting is an eighth-grade math teacher whose classroom is located about 20 to 30 feet from a door leading out of the school. When she heard the shots, she felt it was in the hallway and thought of a way out for her students.

Her heart is set on returning to the classroom when it is safe enough for her students.


The math teacher spotted a student who had been injured from the shooting and sought a way to lend a helping hand. When she held the student, she felt blood all over her body before seeing another student wielding a gun.

Gneiting approached the gun-wielding student in the most tactical way she could. Getting to the 6th-grade girl, she kept reassuring her that things would work out fine and advised her to remain calm.


When she got close to the girl, she put her arms warmly around her and took the gun away while ensuring the student remained under her warm embrace until a police officer came and took her away in handcuffs.

In a Facebook post shared by the brave 8th-grade maths teacher, Gneiting noted that she was grateful for all the love she has received since news of her actions reached the public.


In her post, she noted that she was not after the monetary gains of her newly found stardom, but her actions stemmed from pure love for her students, and her priority remains to keep them safe.

Investigations are ongoing as the community is still getting over the shock from the incident, but for Gneiting, her heart is set on returning to the classroom when it is safe enough for her students.


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