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A Schoolgirl Who Witnessed the Shooting at a Russian School Recounted Events from the Inside

Lois Oladejo
May 11, 2021
12:30 P.M.
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A Russian school girl who witnessed a shooting that claimed at least nine lives gave her account of the incident in a revealing interview.


In the early hours of Tuesday, May 11, a tragic incident occurred in Secondary School Number 175 in Kazan, Russia, leaving at least nine people dead and several injured.

Media outlets reported that a former student of the school, Ilnaz Galyaliyev, 19, attacked with a semi-automatic firearm and opened fire on one of the classrooms.

Police car parked on the street | Photo: Pexels


Footage of the tragic occurrence showed the gunman walking into the school through the main entrance and opening fire from the street outside.

Another clip obtained showed students scampering for safety and jumping from the windows and balconies of the top floors onto the ground below.

A student identified as Sophia, a ninth-grader, witnessed the incident from a classroom across the hall. She recounted how the principal gave a distress announcement on the radio, asking everyone to shut the doors.

Police sirens and lights . | Photo: Pixabay


Her teacher obliged immediately and kept the doors locked. Soon after, they heard an explosion, followed by strange noises and cries of children.

Scared, the ninth-graders huddled in a corner and hid under their desks as the teacher reassured parents of their ward’s safety via text messages.

A registration check of his firearm showed the weapon was registered under the teenager’s name.


They remained locked in the classroom until officers came to evacuate them. Sophia also recalled seeing shattered glasses all over the floor as they were led to safety.

Among the fatal victims were seven eighth-grade students, a teacher, and a non-academic staff. Twenty-one others remain hospitalized, some in critical condition.

Officers apprehended the suspect and took him into custody. Evidence from his recent activities on social media suggests Galyaliyev may have been suffering from a psychiatric disorder. In one of his posts, the teenager referred to himself as a god.


A registration check of his firearm showed the weapon was registered under the teenager’s name, raising concerns about individual firearm ownership.


similar incident 

happened in Moscow in 2014, where a teenager shot dead a teacher and a police officer and took over twenty classmates hostage.

School officials described the suspect as a model student. He embarked on the attack using two rifles, later discovered to belong to his father. Officers successfully disarmed the young lad hours later and freed all the hostages.

President Vladimir Putin believes such incidents are avoidable by imbibing youths and young adults with the proper cultural education.