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Daily Joke: A Nice and Respectable Lady Went into the Pharmacy

Gracious Egedegbe
May 11, 2021
10:30 P.M.
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A calm-looking respectable lady walked into a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist for cyanide. Astonished, the pharmacist wondered why she wanted cyanide.


A woman who looked calm and respectable walked into a pharmacy down her street. Getting in, she walked up to the pharmacist with a warm look and asked for cyanide.

Astonished, the pharmacist wondered why she wanted cyanide and voiced his concern to the gentle-looking lady. She replied that she needed it to poison her husband.

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The pharmacist looked more worried and explained that he could not help the woman in her attempt to kill her husband. He continued his explanation, noting that it was against the law and would see him lose his license and go to jail.

The lady reached for her purse and produced a picture of her husband and the pharmacist's wife. Seeing the picture, he said, "well, that's different, you did not tell me you had a prescription."


Another joke about a husband and wife who went golfing: A couple was playing golf when the wife suddenly asked her husband if he would remarry if she died. Calmy, the man, replied that he wouldn't. Not convinced, the woman said:

"I'm sure you would."


The man then agreed that he would. His wife asked if he would let his supposed wife sleep on their bed, and the man said yes, he would. Finally, the wife asked if he would let his supposed wife use her golf clubs, and he said:

"no, she's left handed."


Another joke about elderly people: An elderly patient went to see her longtime doctor. When she got there, she asked the doctor if he could remember her complaints about hearing voices in her head for years, and the doctor noted that he could.

The woman remarked in a sad tone that they had stopped. The doctor asked her why she was concerned, and she said:

"I think I'm going deaf."

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