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Check Out These 5 Facts about Actor Ed Westwick Who Starred as Chuck Bass in 'Gossip Girl'

Dayna Remus
May 17, 2021
06:50 A.M.

Ed Westwick is known for his role as Chuck Bass in the series "Gossip Girl," but take him for a spin out of his brooding bad boy pigeonhole, and there is much more to know about this actor.


The "Gossip Girl" series was a mid-2000's phenomenon. Many young women were practically drooling over the series' brooding character Chuck Bass portrayed by Ed Westwick.

Many may not realize that not only has Westwick played roles outside of Bass, but he has taken on many other career paths independent of all the dramatics. Here are five facts you may not know about Westwick.

Ed Westwick at the 'Wicked City' panel discussion on August 4, 2015 in California.  | Photo: Getty Images

Ed Westwick at the 'Wicked City' panel discussion on August 4, 2015 in California. | Photo: Getty Images


Viewers were obsessed with the "Gossip Girl's" Chuck-Blair dynamic. In reality, Westwick is committed to South African model Tamara Francesconi, once taking to Instagram and referring to her as his:

"African Treasure ;)"


The two are loving parents to a dog named Humphrey Bogart. He is certainly treated as an actual baby, with the actor humorously posting an image of himself walking Bogart in a stroller.



Westwick has played so many roles outside of bad boy Bass, but his "Gossip Girl" persona follows him everywhere. Speaking about stepping out of this character while filming "Me, You, Madness.", he said:

“I’ve done a lot of drama and walked around in a suit with my hands in my pockets brooding a lot in "Gossip Girl," and people see that a lot."

He stated that this is partially why he is happy with playing a new role in the movie because he gets to show a new side of his acting range. Westwick also admitted it was fun to play another character.



Westwick has not only stepped away from his "Gossip Girl" role in the acting field; he is also constantly making strides outside of the world of drama in general, with other pursuits in music and law.

The charges, of which Westwick denied, were dropped.

Since six years old, this artist has played music, eventually finding himself in a band called "Filthy Youth." Westwick managed to do all this while obtaining his A-levels in Communication, Business, and Law.



Beyond music, acting, and law, one achievement he probably didn't have to work for as much was obtaining the title of "Sexiest Man Alive." This was according to TV Fanatic.

Of course, even someone like Westwick will get knocked off his throne eventually. In time, Hugh Jackman replaced this handsome man.



Westwick has joined many individuals in the entertainment industry such as actor Gérard Depardieu, having been accused of sexual assault and rape. Actress Kristina Cohen is one of the alleged victims.

Cohen's accusations were taken on board by the LAPD. Eventually, it was concluded that there was not enough evidence, and the charges, of which Westwick denied, were dropped.

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