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Kevin Pillar Opens up About How He Felt After Being Hit in the Face With a 94.5mph Fastball

Afouda Bamidele
May 19, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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Baseball star Kevin Pillar bared his emotions after taking a hit during Monday night's game. In a recent press gathering, the star let fans know he was on his way to mending.


The New York Mets Outfielder, Kevin Pillar, who has had almost a decade of a fine career under his belt, recently expressed his feelings concerning not being agile enough to participate in the coming games with his teammates.

On Monday night, during the Mets game with Atlanta Braves, Pillar took a massive blow to the face after Braves pitcher Jacob Webb kicked the ball at a 94.5mph speed.

Kevin Pillar #11 of the New York Mets poses during Photo Day on Thursday, February 25, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


Pillar immediately hit the ground with blood gushing from his face. He made it known the next day that he had multiple fractures in his face and was due to undergoing plastic surgery once the swelling went down.

Pillar reassured fans that the worst was over, and if he could go past his swollen right eye, he was sure he could join his teammates. However, Pillar has been placed on a 10-14 days hiatus for the healing process.


The 32-year-old who signed a two-year contract with the Mets is not the only one on the team who has a health hiatus. Stars like Albert Almora, Luis Guillorme, and JD Davis are all recuperating from injuries.

Two Mets players, Jeff McNeil and Michael Conforto, were placed on the injured list due to hamstring issues.


When Pilar was hit in the face, he could walk off the pitch with the blood gushing out. The Mets have shared that he would meet with a facial specialist to determine the next step.

Pillar shared that he was excited about healing so he could get back to what he loved doing. Pillar also talked about Webb making it known that he and the Braves star have communicated.


The baseball player added that he was more concerned about Webb, noting that he saw the sports star’s reaction after the incident, and he knew how it felt to feel guilty about another person’s injury.

Speaking of injury setbacks, two Mets players, Jeff McNeil and Michael Conforto, were placed on the injured list due to hamstring issues. Taijuan Walker also joined the list when his left-side tightness aggravated.

Walker’s injury dampened the New York Mets celebration after they defeated the Braves. Walker’s left-side injury bothered him before the game and only aggravated after it. As of Monday, he was said to be going to the hospital for an MRI scan.