What to Wear to Funerals – Appropriate Outfit Options

Afouda Bamidele
May 20, 2021
02:00 A.M.
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Alongside the overwhelming emotions at a funeral, deciding what to wear can be tricky and frustrating. Luckily, below are practical fashion tips to help guide your choice.


Preparing to attend a funeral, whether it’s that of a loved one, a co-worker, a friend, or an older family member, is not something anyone ever wants to think about, given the emotional rollercoaster it comes with.

However, having to think about the appropriate outfit to wear makes it even more difficult as you don’t want to draw attention for the wrong reasons. Below are tips to make choosing the right outfit easy and stress-free.

A photo of a funeral ceremony. | Photo: Pexels



Usually, black is the standard choice of color for a funeral ceremony. However, it is worthy to note that different cultures have different colors, so it is advised to pick an outfit suited to what the hosts dictate.

If, however, a color code isn’t giving and you don’t feel comfortable in black, darker tones like navy, dark brown, or gray can be worn. Avoid going for clothes in bright and flashy colors.

A photo of a grieving man at a funeral. | Photo: Pexels



There is a time and place for everything. Hence, a funeral isn’t a place to show off one’s fashion sense. It is best to wear something respectful to the grieving family while ensuring that you are comfortable.

This means avoiding any revealing outfit, which translates to skirts or gowns above the knee, spaghetti straps, or ripped pants. You can opt for flared pants, long-sleeved or shoulder-length dresses with a length below the knee.

A photo of family members dressing for a funeral. | Photo: Pexels


However, ensure that they are without sequins or flamboyant patterns. One cannot wear casual outfits like jeans or athletic wear to a funeral as it is believed that they don’t show a sign of respect to the grieved. 


Your ensemble isn’t complete without using accessories. However, choosing the appropriate kind is crucial to determining if your look. It is advised to keep your jewelry pieces to the barest minimum. Nothing flashy or huge.

A photo of a grieving woman at a funeral. | Photo: Pexels


As for the shoes, it is best to opt for something comfortable yet elegant. Given that funerals can involve a bit of walking, it is advised to wear simple, fashionable flats or block heels with pointed toes.

Sunglasses have recently become an accepted accessory at funerals as they can help to shield the eyes. For women, it is advised to come along with a jacket to keep warm if there is a cold. It can also serve as a place to keep tissues.

A photo of a guest at a funeral. | Photo: Pexels


Depending on the occasion, whether former, casual, semi-formal, or business-casual, it is necessary to follow the appropriate dress code. If unsure, it is best to research before attending the event.