19-Year-Old Man Killed While Protecting His Girlfriend from Carjackers

Comfort Omovre
May 21, 2021
03:40 A.M.

The family of a 19-year-old man is in mourning after he was fatally shot while protecting his girlfriend from criminals trying to steal her car.


Ashly Tianson and his girlfriend never got the chance to see how far their relationship would go, but she would remember him for the rest of her life. This is because Tianson died while trying to save her life.

Tianson met his untimely death on Friday, May 14, 2021. He and his girlfriend were in his black Hyundai when three people approached them and tried to steal the vehicle.

Blue police sirens on top of a vehicle. | Photo:  Pixabay

Blue police sirens on top of a vehicle. | Photo: Pixabay

Tianson and his girlfriend used pepper spray to ward off the carjackers, but one of them pulled out a gun. Instinctively, Tianson covered his girlfriend and was shot, with one bullet hitting his abdomen and another hitting his neck.

In a statement on Facebook, the San Mateo Police Department revealed its detectives arrested two suspects connected to the shooting while a third suspect remains at large.

A police crime scene tape | Photo: Pexels

A police crime scene tape | Photo: Pexels

It further revealed that Tianson was found in the vehicle with gunshot wounds and was taken to a local trauma center where he eventually died.

Following an investigation, the police discovered that the shooting was an isolated incident and unconnected with any activity or event at the San Mateo Adult School or San Mateo High School where the shooting occurred.

Kirstie further dismissed suggestions that the shooting was either drug or gang-related.


Both arrested suspects are 16-year-old males and are facing murder, attempted murder, and homicide charges. The police are also requesting any tips regarding the shooting.

Tianson's family is not surprised by his last heroic act before death and said he did what he had to do to save his girlfriend at the risk of his own life.

His grieving mother, Mae Ann Prado, described the situation as heartbreaking and wondered which mother would want to bury their son.


Tianson's brother, Roberto Prado, wondered where his assailants got their guns while his sister, Kirstie Prado, wondered if the suspects were trying to prove a point to people.

Kirstie further dismissed suggestions that the shooting was either drug or gang-related and wondered how her brother found himself in that situation. She also said he had no choice but to protect his girlfriend because he would have lived with the guilt if he did not do so.

Tianson's family said they want to give him the memorial he deserves and seek justice for their loved one. A GoFundMe page was organized in his loving memory with over $40,000 raised, exceeding the $18,000 goal.

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