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San Jose Mass Shooting Suspect's Exes Reveal What He Was like before the Incident

Olowokandi Fiyin
May 27, 2021
09:10 A.M.
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The San Jose mass shooting suspect, Sam Cassidy who is now late has been described by his ex-partners as someone who was mentally unstable. The gunman took the lives of nine people before ending his.


Following the San Jose shooting, considered the deadliest in Bay Area history, many have come out to share their experiences with the late perpetrator, Samuel James Cassidy.

His ex-girlfriend, who preferred to remain anonymous, shared that he was mentally unstable and quite violent towards her. The lady noted that she filed a court case against him in 2009.

Investigators gather evidence at Building B where a mass shooting occurred at the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light-rail yard on May 26, 2021 | Photo: Getty Images


The gunman's ex revealed that Cassidy had sexually assaulted her and threatened her during the time together. She mentioned that he suffered bipolar tendencies as he could be a nice guy one minute and become volatile in the next.

She also recounted how Cassidy would often complain of his job, ranting about how his boss disliked him and how he was often mistreated at work. There was also a cry out about the work being too much.


However, she summed it all up as Cassidy’s mental issues. The suspect’s ex-lover noted that he proposed to her when they were together, but she declined and ended the relationship.

Investigations earlier bordered on whether there was a connection between the fire outbreak in Cassidy’s home and the mass shooting.


The San Jose mass shooting was reported after Cassidy arrived at his Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) workstation and gunned down nine of the co-workers before killing himself.

The attack happened was almost simultaneously as the fire outbreak reported at his home in South San Jose. The fire department was alerted to the fire outbreak at his home, and minutes later, the mass shooting was reported.


A neighbor’s surveillance camera showed Cassidy leaving in the morning with the timestamp at 5: 39am. The neighbor, Dough Suh, noted that Cassidy was a lonely guy, and nobody came to visit him.

His ex-wife, Cecilia Nelms relayed that Cassidy had two sides, and this included him being in a good mood and then switching when he was angry. She described him as a “great guy” when he was settled.


Investigations earlier bordered on whether there was a connection between the fire outbreak in Cassidy’s home and the mass shooting at his place of work. However, it was later discovered set his building on fire before leaving for work.

Following the tragic incident, law enforcement agents filed out to VTA with bomb-sniffing dogs as they searched the huge transportation company. One of the dogs later sniffed out explosives in the building.

Authorities are also looking into deciphering the motives of the shooter. Cassidy was said to have opened fire on his co-workers at 6:30 am. While shootings were heard, several calls were placed to 911.


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