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18-Year-Old Daphne Westbrook From Tennessee Found Safe in Alabama After Going Missing In October 2019

Laura Beatham
May 31, 2021
09:30 A.M.
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An 18-year-old from Tennesse was found safe in Alabama after she went missing almost two years ago in October 2019.


Daphne Westbrook, an 18-year-old from Tennesse, was found safe this May in Alabama after she went missing in October 2019. The then 16-year-old never returned to her mother after spending the weekend with her father.

The Tennesse Bureau of Investigation announced on Twitter on May 28 that the teenager had been found safe in Samson, Alabama. The Bureau had shared an Endanger Child Alert for Westbrook on May 23.

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Westbrook was found after she was pulled over by police officers for a busted light and expired tag. Once officers ran her name through their system, they realized she was the missing Tennesse teenager.

The young woman told officers that she was headed to the beach with her dog. Police Officers let her go after they established she was not in danger. Westbrook did not want to speak to her mother, Rhonda Curtsinger.


Westbrook was first reported as missing after she did not return from a weekend trip with her father, John Westbrook. She messaged her mother and said she would be a few hours late to walk with a friend, but she never returned home.

Authorities had believed that Westbrook's father intoxicated her to control her and keep her against her will. The Hamilton County District Attorney's Office is still looking to find and prosecute John.

Police had previously conducted a raid at the house of Westbrook's sister, who lives in Sebring.


In a statement on Facebook, the Attorney's Office wrote that the investigation remains active and that they hope to have new developments in the case over the next few weeks.

In March, it was reported by Fox 3 that Westbrook sent a message to a friend, in which she expressed that she might self-harm. In response, Curtsinger shared with the outlet her hope for her daughter's safe return.


The Chattanooga resident directed her message to her daughter and said that no one was angry at her, as it was not her fault she was caught in this situation. Curtsinger stated that she would do anything to make sure her daughter is okay.

In March, to the news outlet, Curtsinger admitted that she did not think her ex-husband had the potential to be a dangerous person. However, her opinion changed after Westbrook was taken.


Police had previously conducted a raid at the house of Westbrook's sister, who lives in Sebring. Investigators found communication between the siblings, so during the raid, her electronic devices were confiscated.

No details on Westbrook's condition were made public. However, she told officers that she was 18 years old, "free," and stated she did not need help in any way. She did not want to speak to Curtsinger.