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37 Adorable Names for Babies Born in Summer

Lois Oladejo
Jun 06, 2021
03:20 A.M.
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Naming a baby can be the most stressful but fun experience for most parents who find it challenging to come up with something fitting. Here are some adorable names for babies born in summer.


For most parents, summer is the best time to welcome their little one but sometimes, coming up with the perfect name might pose a challenge.

Some parents believe there are peculiarities about babies born in summer and would love their baby's names to reflect it. Here is a list of names that are suited for summer babies.

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1. August: This month's name, derived from the Roman emperor Augustus, has always been used for boys, but times are changing, and girls also bear the name.

2. Augusta: traditionally, this name has been associated with females, and it also has a historical attachment to it. Naming your baby, Augusta, would not be a bad choice.

3. Bay: this name could fit for either a boy or a girl. Typically, Bay means berry, but it sounds refreshing to the ear and wouldn't be a weird choice.

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4. Augustine: a variation of Augusta and is often associated with females.

5. Beach: this name would be a perfect fit for parents who love nature and find the idea of having one of their kids reflect their love for nature.

6. Birch: another cool but symbolic name. Historically, Russians worshipped a goddess called Birch, and it is also the state tree of New Hampshire. The name pictures a well-groomed and lovely tree and will make an excellent choice.

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7. Daisy: This name is mostly found in movies and was typically an Elizabethan name, but it still has that thing about it that makes it lovely.

8. Coral: A feminine jewel from the ocean is fast becoming a trend amongst most summer babies.

9. Dune: This name brings fabulous memories of spending time on the beach and is not common. It is a good pick for both male and female babies.

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10. Julia: This name has much history attached to it that dates back to the Julius Caesar era. Typically it means youthful. Most famous movies have adopted this name.

11. Dylan: a name said to have Welsh origin that traditionally means" son of the sea," Dylan is also gaining popularity amongst girls meaning it can go both ways.

12. Julian: this catchy summer name is a female variation of Julius.

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13. Julio: Typically a Spanish variation of Julius.

14. Juliet; A name often linked with romance with Italian roots. It is a well-crafted diminutive of Julia.

15. Julius: not so popular in recent days as it once was during the height of the Roman empire. It is the clan name of the Roman ruler Julius Caesar.

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16. July: Anyone bearing this name has to be in July, right? Both boys and girls frequently use this Latin name.

17. June: historically, this name was derived from the Roman goddess Juno and is still used today, primarily associated with females.

18. Junia: literally, this cute name means born in June.


19. Junius: while Junia is the feminine version, Junius is the masculine version of the Latin name.

20. Kai is a cultural name widely used for both males and females. Kai is typically a perfect fit for beach-loving families.

21. Junot: not widely in use. It is the Spanish variation of Junius for boys.

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22. Lake: Another cute summer name that both males and females can use.

23. Leo: this name is the astrological sign for July and August babies and means "lion." A cool name for babies who show signs of strength.

24. Leonie: A French and German version of Leo.

25. Leonora: a name with typical Italian roots and is tied to the name Leo.

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26. Liberty: for people in the United States, this name is often associated with freedom and is mostly suited for children born in July.

27. Marin: Not commonly used, Marin is a Latin name that means one who comes from the sea.

28. Marisol: A Spanish name that has religious roots. It is made up of the Spanish words for sea (mar) and sun (sol) and is associated with the Virgin Mary.

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29. Nerida: a name with Greek roots that means mermaid.

30. Pacifico: A Spanish version of the Pacific.

31. Oceane: A popular French name that both male and female summer babies can use.

32. Pearl: in the 20th century, this name witnessed a massive decline but is fast returning to popular culture.

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33. Peridot: Peridot is the birthstone for newborns born in August, and it is highly prized in Hawaii, where it is thought to be the tears of the volcano goddess Pele.

34: River: another cute name for lovers of nature. It can be used for both males and females.

35. Sky: A good pick for those who love things natural.

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36. Summer: The classic summer name, popular in the 1970s, is now becoming a trend in today's culture.

37. Sunny: it is often thought to be a lady's nickname, but sometimes, guys enjoy it.