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Tricky Neighbor Robs a Gullible Pensioner and Gets What She Deserves – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 04, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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The cunning unemployed woman knew that her retired neighbor had a lot of savings, but no one to leave them to. She expressed a desire to clean the pensioner's house for free in order to rob her quietly. The old neighbor really had a lot of money in the house, and she also had a pet – a poisonous viper.


At 28 years old, Claire still lives with her parents in a small apartment and lives off them. Although she tried to work in the past, she was always fired in less than two months for irresponsibility, negligence, and laziness.

As a result, she tried to gamble to make more money, which got her nowhere. Then, one day, she overheard her parents talking about their downstairs neighbor, Mrs. Rogers. She was an old retired woman who used to have a great job and kept all her savings at home.

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The woman did not tell anyone about her money, but somehow, it reached Claire’s parents’ knowledge. “Poor Mrs. Rogers, she has no husband or children to take care of her,” the mom said.

“Well, at least she has buckets of money for herself. I heard she never bought anything expensive and lived frugally to save,” the dad added. Her parents’ conversation sparked a thought in Claire’s mind.

The next day, she decided to be a good neighbor and offered Mrs. Rogers a free cleaning service twice a week. Since Mrs. Rogers was old, Claire said she wanted to help. Surprisingly, the woman allowed her neighbor to clean the house.


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When Claire first stepped into the woman’s living room, she nearly fainted at the sight of a poisonous viper that crawled in an aquarium. “Don’t worry dear, he won’t come out of his home,” Mrs. Rogers said with a smile.


Claire, who was most afraid of snakes, continued to walk past the aquarium quickly. It took Claire two weeks to figure out where the woman kept her money. Since Mrs. Rogers was always around, she could not just flip everything over.

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Instead, Claire searched quietly and one day discovered the pile of cash when she shoved her hand under the mattress. It was her victory. Claire imperceptibly shoved her hand under the mattress and pulled out as much money as she could every session.

She did not want to take more as Mrs. Rogers might notice it. But as a former chief accountant, the woman clearly noticed the money under her mattress was less. She understood that this so-called good neighbor was robbing her.

Mrs. Rogers came up with a brilliant idea. She bought a toy snake in a gift shop and tucked it under the mattress, next to her money. The next time Claire reached out to pull money, she touched something slippery and long.


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Claire screamed and began to have tears in her eyes, and when she saw that the viper was not in the aquarium, she went hysterical. She loudly said that the viper had almost bitten her.


At that moment, Mrs. Rogers came into the room with a smile on her face and with the viper on her neck. She lifted the mattress, under which lay the money and a toy snake.

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Claire realized that Mrs. Rogers set her up and stormed out of the apartment. The following morning, police came to apprehend the 28-year-old for robbing her helpless neighbor.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Don't underestimate older people

2. Stealing will always have a bad ending

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