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3 Sisters and Young Man Killed after Collision with Pickup Truck on Idaho Highway

Busayo Ogunjimi
Jun 03, 2021
12:20 A.M.
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A head-on crash in California has claimed the lives of four people, including three sisters, after their vehicle collided with a pickup truck on an Idaho highway.



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has led to the tragic death of four people, including a young man and three sisters. The accident was said to have taken place on the Idaho highway after their vehicle collided with a truck.

The three sisters from California, Melissa Rojas-Carrasco, 26, Jasmin Rojas-Carrasco, 22, and Priscilla Rojas-Carrasco, died alongside a 22-year-old Juan Pablo Farias, after the collision.

A police crime signage. | Photo: Pexels


According to reports, the foursome was traveling in a Honda Civic and collided with a GMC Sierra Marsing, where the speed limit is 65 mph.

A statement from the Idaho Police Department revealed that all three passengers in the pickup truck survived the crash despite the vehicle bursting into flames and they sustained no life-threatening injuries.

Blue police sirens on top of a vehicle. | Photo: Pixabay


A GoFundMe page has been set up to help clear the funeral cost for the three sisters, and police authorities revealed that the driver of their vehicle remains unclear at the moment.

The relationship between Farias, the male passenger in the Honda Civic, and the three sisters remain unclear. However, investigations are still ongoing and more details would be revealed to the public.

Two of the occupants of the truck were airlifted to a local hospital, and a third was taken by ambulance.


Police authorities are interrogating witnesses of the crash and are yet to reveal the names of the passengers in the pickup truck. They were said to be two men and a woman between the ages of 21-16.

The three passengers of the GMC were reportedly rescued by an eyewitness, Tanya Hoebel, who rushed to their aid as their vehicle was covered in flames.

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Hoebel said a man asked her not to approach the burning vehicle, but she decided to give it a try and see if there was anyone that could be rescued alongside other witnesses.

Hoebel revealed that she was only an hour into her nine-hour road trip to see her family in California when she ran into the tragic scene in her account of the incident.

Paramedics taking patient on stretcher from ambulance to hospital. | Photo: Getty Images


Hoebel, a Nampa, revealed that her home was engulfed with fire two years ago, and she had to overcome that experience and be brave enough to save the three passengers in the GMC.

One of the passengers was covered in debris and shattered glass as Hoebel, and other witnesses gave them a helping hand. Afterward, two of the occupants of the truck were airlifted to a local hospital, and a third was taken by ambulance.