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Daily Joke: A Cat Went to Heaven after Being Good All His Life

Laura Beatham
Jun 12, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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A cat who went to heaven after being good all his life was asked by God what it wanted to live comfortably up in heaven.


A cat passed away after a long life of being a perfect pet and went to heaven. At the Pearly Gates, God asked the cat, "If you could have anything in the world to make you happy, what would it be?"

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The cat thought about it for a moment and replied, "Well, I lived on a farm for my whole life and had to sleep on hard and cold wooden floors. So I would love a warm fluffy pillow to sleep on."

The Gates of Heaven sitting on clouds. | Photo: Shutterstock


God said, "Of course you can have that." In an instant, a huge fluffy pillow appeared for the cat. She loved it because it was the softest and warmest thing she had ever felt in her life.

That same day, 12 mice appeared at the Pearly Gates after being involved in a terrible accident that took their lives. God asked them the same question, and they discussed it amongst themselves for a second.


The mice told God, "Well, we were chased by dogs, cats, and even humans with brooms our wholes lives. We would love to have some little roller skates so we would not have to run everywhere."

In a matter of seconds, 12 pairs of the little roller skates appeared. The mice were so excited and happy. Each mouse had their own pair that fit perfectly. They put them on and started riding all over Heaven.


A few days went by, and God decided to check on the new animal additions to Heaven, starting with the cat. He found her lounging on her pillow and asked, "Hey Cat, how have things been so far?"

The cat responded, "Well, I have had the best sleep of my life on this pillow, and those little meals-on-wheels you send me each day are absolutely delicious."

Sourced from Grannies Jokes.