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From Aries to Pisces — Find Out Your Zodiac Sign's Matching Vegetable

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 06, 2021
05:30 P.M.
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Like zodiac signs, different vegetables have different characteristics. Here's a list of all 12 zodiac signs paired with vegetables they resemble most.


Vegetables come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors, ranging from root vegetables to squashes to cruciferous ones. In addition to their nutritional values, they also have a difference in texture.

In a similar vein, each zodiac sign has its own characteristics and interests, as well as its own likes and dislikes. Here are the zodiac signs as vegetables, illustrated by their personalities, Pink Villa reported.

Red and green bell peppers | Photo: Pexels



People born in Aries tend to be bold and steadfast, which means they are free to express themselves. They have a personality like a bell pepper: spicy, bold, and a powerful flavor enhancer.

Sweet potatoes on black plate | Photo: Pexels



In a similar way, Taureans are warm, earthy, and kind. They are down-to-earth and straightforward, which explains their similarity to sweet potatoes. They are also as delightful as sweet potatoes.

Table with onions. | Photo: Pexels



It is often said that Geminis are adaptable, flexible, and easy-going. They are most comparable to onions. Onions are flexible and versatile, and they blend well with a variety of flavors.

Potatoes next to a stainless steel cooking pot.. | Photo: Pexels



On the whole, Cancerians are like potatoes in the sense that they are homebound, approachable, laidback, and down to earth. Cancerians also have a good deal of versatility and dependability akin to potatoes.

Sliced green asparagus. | Photo: Pexels



The personality of Leos are very similar to that of asparagus, as it is also an exotic, popular vegetable that steals the show wherever it goes. Standing out from the crowd isn't a problem for them.

Kale vegetable display at grocery store market. | Photo: Freepik



Health-conscious, perfectionists, and logical, Virgos usually don't get carried away with the small stuff. It's no accident that kale is the vegetable most related to them. Kale is healthy, tasty, and low in calories.

Basket of mushrooms. | Photo: Pexels



Librans are known for their sociability and love of parties. Because they love to be around people, they resemble mushrooms that are versatile and can be cooked in many different ways to suit a large crowd.

Person holding a box with fresh eggplants. | Photo: Pexels



Scorpios are misunderstood because they are reserved and shy, and people refer to them as arrogant. Likewise, eggplants are not appreciated until they are cooked into elaborate and fancy dishes.

Fresh and wet green cabbages. | Photo: Freepik



Sagittarians like to travel. They never settle down in one place for too long and are always on the move. They are as romantic, delicate, and exotic as cabbages, the perfect vegetable for them.

Bundle of coriander. | Photo: Freepik



Those born in a Capricorn sign are easy-going, fun, and flexible. They have no inhibitions and can discuss anything with anyone. Coriander is like them because it is flexible, versatile, and good with almost anything.

A white bowl filled with colocasia. | Photo: Pexels



Aquarians are unique, unconventional, and distinctive. They prefer to steer clear of the beaten path and do things their way. Like Aquarians, Colocasia has an exciting personality that's unique and unusual.

Green parsley in a glass vase on the table. | Photo: Pexels


Pisces people are creative, experimental, and unique. They like to try out new things, and their approach to life is distinctive and bold. Parsley is a vegetable that is as bold and unconventional as Pisces people.