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Rich Woman Humiliates a Hairdresser in Front of Her Son and Gets What She Deserves – Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 06, 2021
01:00 A.M.
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Sophie had to bring her four-year-old son to work. Everything was going well until an evil woman walked into the store and mistreated her. Here’s what happened.


In one of Manhattan’s elite salons, Sophie, a hairdresser, was known for her creative cuts in town. Many people came to have her work magic on their hair and impressed every one of her clients.

Outside of work, Sophie is a single mom raising a four-year-old son. One day, her daycare service was canceled at the last minute because of a sudden shutdown in the afternoon. So, she was forced to take her little Russ to work.

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While cutting and styling people’s hair, Ross sat on the couch and played with the different combs. Suddenly, a woman wearing a thick and expensive fur coat entered the salon, hung her outerwear on a hanger, and sat on a chair.

She looked at Sophie and rudely said, “Make sure your little one doesn’t ruin my coat. Otherwise, you’ll have to work here for free.” The woman was Virginia Dobelman, the sister of the salon owner.

Sophie remained silent while the woman held her head high. Then, after asking what hairstyle she wanted, Virginia said she just needed to straighten the ends and dye the roots of her hair as she prepared for a part in the evening.


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When the rich woman noticed that Sophie cut her hair a little more than she wanted, she shouted and caused a scene. She insulted Sophie in front of everyone, but the stylist could not answer in fear of losing her job.


Sophie was glad to hear someone on her side and continued working at the salon.

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Little Ross saw how the evil woman treated his mom and did not like it. Meanwhile, Sophie said she would do anything Virginia wanted until she calmed down. A few minutes later, loud snoring was heard throughout the salon.


Virginia fell asleep with her mouth wide open while Sophie quietly did her job without waking the woman. When she went to the staff room to get the hair dye, Ross decided to teach the woman a lesson.

He walked towards Virginia, got the scissors, and started cutting her hair. A minute later, Sophie returned and dropped the dye from her hands after seeing what had happened. Virginia woke up and saw that her head looked like a nest.

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The woman screamed at Sophie, grabbed her expensive coat, and ran out of the salon in tears. Sophie, on the other hand, did not scold her son. Instead, she joked that he was her real defender and hero.

The next day, Sophie called her boss to file her resignation, knowing that she would be fired anyway from what had happened. In response, her boss said that he would not let her go that easily.

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“Of course I won’t fire you! You’re my best hairdresser,” the owner said. The kind boss told Sophie to ignore Virginia as she deserved what she got for her brazen behavior. Sophie was glad to hear someone on her side and continued working at the salon.

What can we learn from Sophie and Virginia’s story?

1. Never look down on other people

2. Treat everyone with kindness and respect

3. Do not underestimate children

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