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Khloé Kardashian Claps Back at Twitter User's Comment Accusing Her of Plastic Surgery

Dayna Remus
Jun 09, 2021
10:50 A.M.
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The Kardashian family has been under constant fire for purportedly going under the knife on many occasions - Khloé Kardashian got caught up in the latest Twitter saga.


Khloé Kardashian received an ill-mannered response on Twitter to an ad she appeared in for the migraine drug Nurtec. The user wrote that she looks like an "alien" because of all her alleged plastic surgery.

With sarcastic undertones, the user asked if someone is more susceptible to migraines had they undergone cosmetic surgery, questioning Nurtec's decision to use Kardashian as their spokesperson.

Khloé Kardashian posing for the cameras. | Source: Shutterstock


The Good American founder calmy clapped back, stating she and the user had every right to their perspectives. Touching on the individual's profile which describes herself as a feminist, she expressed:

"I don’t think you should refer to yourself as a feminist if you are attacking a woman unprovoked."

In the same response, Kardashian stated that she is attempting to assist those who struggle with the neurological condition. She wrote that the user could block or mute her if she so chooses.


There were many positive responses, one individual stating that women should lift each other up rather than bring one another down. Others were negative, bashing Kardashian for allegedly undergoing plastic surgery.

Many replied in anger, accusing her of being a hypocrite due to the luxurious lifestyle she leads.

Kardashian has previously opened up about her own prolonged battle with migraines. The reality star lamented that people do not take the condition as seriously as they should.


For years, this Kardashian sister has been consistently criticized for allegedly receiving cosmetic enhancements. Sometimes observers just don't like how her face or body looks.

This was the case when the star lost a significant amount of weight in 2014. She claimed many chose to inform her that they preferred how she looked before she shed the pounds.

The "Revenge Body" host was also reported to have had work done on her nose. However, plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow spoke with her, saying that one's nose can become smaller with weight loss.

Twitter user responding to a Nurtec advert featuring Khloé Kardashian as the spokesperson. | Source: Twitter/Marsha Coupé


Kardashian also received condemnation this year for her comments in an Instagram story. She was promoting her Fidus one-gallon reusable bottle, criticizing those who use single-use plastic water bottles.

Many replied in anger, accusing her of being a hypocrite due to the luxurious lifestyle she leads. She defended herself on Twitter, claiming no one is perfect and that she is constantly learning.


Kardashian has also claimed she has felt pressured by the online world to reveal her private life. This was especially so when Scott Disick commented on a revealing Instagram post of hers earlier in the year.

He stated that Tristan Thompson is a lucky man. This led to a bombardment of inquiries regarding what her and Thompson's status was, but Kardashian was not prepared to share this information yet.

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