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Daily Joke: A Man Wants to Buy Some Ice Cream

Jené Liebenberg
Jun 09, 2021
10:30 A.M.
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John was standing in line to order some ice cream. When he came to the front, he ordered chocolate ice cream on a cone, but they didn't have any. Read on to see the hilarious conversation between John and the assistant.


It was a hot summer's day, and John was craving a big cone with chocolate ice cream - his ultimate favorite treat during the long summer days.

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He waited in the long line in the ice cream store before he eventually came to the front. Finally, the assistant came to him to ask what he would like.

Various containers of ice cream. | Pexels/ JÉSHOOTS


John knew exactly what type of ice cream he wanted to order, and with excitement, he replied to the assistant that he would like a large cone with three scoops of chocolate ice cream. The assistant replied:

"Sorry sir, but we are out of chocolate ice cream today. Is there anything else you would like?"

Colorful ice cream on a table. | Pexels/ Teejay


Without seeming too phased, John replied to the assistant that he would please like a cone with three scoops of chocolate ice cream. He even added a broad smile to his order.

The assistant raised his eyebrows and repeated that they didn't have any chocolate ice cream at the moment because they were all sold out.

Colorful ice cream containers. | Pexels/ Lukas


Once again, the assistant asked if there was something else that John would like instead, but he only repeated his chocolate ice cream order.

Frustrated by this stage, the assistant decided to switch gears, and maybe then the customer would understand that he couldn't get him chocolate ice cream. The assistant said:

"Sir, would you mind spelling S-T-R-A-W, like the beginning of strawberry?"

Two people holding their cones together. | Pexels/ Kristina Paukshtite


John proceeded to spell the beginning of strawberry, and once he was finished, the assistant asked him to spell the beginning of vanilla.

Confused, John indulged the assistant and spelled the beginning of the second flavor that he had given him. When he finished, the assistant gave him a third word to spell.

A container of chocolate ice cream. | Pexels/ Alisha Mishra

He asked John to spell E-F-F like the beginning of chocolate. John crossed his arms and said that there is no 'eff' in chocolate. The assistant sighed in relief and said:

"That's exactly what I have been trying to tell you!"