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Wife Leaves Video Camera in Her Bedroom before Going to Work, and Not in Vain — Story of the Day

Bettina Dizon
Jun 10, 2021
11:36 A.M.
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Andrea works a lot and is often away from home. When she began to find other women's things in her house, she was confused. Instead of asking her husband about it, she decided to see everything with her own eyes.


Andrea, a known doctor in the field of Oncology, had demanding overseas medical missions. As such, she would have to leave her husband, Vincent, home alone. The couple had been married for nearly 30 years with two grown children in different cities.

While Vincent found it the perfect time to step back from his corporate life, Andrea didn’t think the same way regarding her career in the medical field. She felt fulfilled with the missions that came her way and weren’t too sure about saying goodbye.

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While Vincent had always been faithful to his partner, suspicions rose when Andrea found a woman’s undergarments in the washers. One day, after returning from her two-week medical trip, she noticed a pair of undergarments in the laundry area.

Andrea kept her calm, even though she knew it was not hers. The next day, the same pair vanished as if someone had made sure to keep it a secret. Before Andrea could even confront her husband about it, her schedule became hectic with countless patient concerns.

The following medical convention came, and this time, Andrea was gone for nearly three weeks. When she came home, the same discovery repeated with a pair of socks. Again, she was positive that it was a woman’s and not one of her’s.


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She took a step back and thought of a plan to catch her husband cheating. Before her next medical call, Andrea purchased a small camera and placed it in their bedroom to secure hard evidence, just in case her hunches were correct.


Andrea waited for the perfect moment to secure the memory card for evidence. Then, on her first day back in the hospital, she took the files of the videos with her so she could view them secretly.

The first 24 hours of the video had nothing suspicious. However, what Andrea saw next surprised the medical professional. The footage captured her husband casually relaxing in their bedroom when a lady opened the door.

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The woman said: “Hey Dad, would you mind if I used your washing machine and dryer again?” “Sure, honey. I think you left some clothes the last time you came for a visit. I kept them somewhere. Let me try to find them,” replied the father.

Andrea released a big sigh after realizing that the clothes in their washers were that of her visiting daughter. The moment Andrea got home from work, she confronted Vincent about their daughter’s visits during her time away.

Vincent was surprised, so Andrea explained that she had kept a hidden camera, thinking that he was cheating on her. Vincent burst into laughter as he couldn’t believe his wife’s wild imagination.


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“You’re often not around, and it gets pretty lonely. Our girls heard about it, and sometimes one of them would visit while you’re away,” explained Vincent.


The relieved Andrea asked why he never mentioned that they were visiting, and he simply noted that it was because she never really bothered asking with how busy she is.

Since that day of revelation, Andrea made it a point to balance her work with spending time with her husband. But, with how much time she’s dedicated to her field, she knew it was time for family, as well.

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The happy couple frequented trips to the mountains. At certain times, they would also make it a point to travel to their daughters’ cities and have family adventures.

What can we learn from this story?

1. Always be honest with your spouse.

2. Ask before making assumptions.

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