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At Least 9 People Dead after Building Collapses on a Bus in South Korea

Lois Oladejo
Jun 10, 2021
09:30 P.M.
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A building collapsed in South Korea, killing nine people who were on board a nearby bus. The building was under demolition when it finally crumbled.


A five-story building in southern South California was under demolition when it caved in. The debris scattered around, with parts of it falling on a bus parked nearby.

The building, which was located in the southern city of Gwanju, came down with the concrete falling on the bus and killing nine of the seventeen passengers in the bus.

An ambulance drives through a street. | Source: Shutterstock


The rescue personnel on ground got to work and were able to help eight of the passengers out of the clustered debris. The eight passengers were said to be seriously injured.

After further searches, the other nine people were found and later pronounced dead. Kim Seok-sun, a fire service officer at the scene, gave updates on the citation.

Seok-sun shared that the 16 demolition workers were out of the building when the collapse happened. He also noted that the nearby pedestrian walkway was blocked earlier.


To this effect, no passer-by was endangered. The fire service agent stated that the driver of the bus was among those injured. There was earlier speculation that two cars passing by were also trapped.

However, rescue workers clarified this, noting there was no such occurrence. There was no immediate response to investigations as to why the building fell to pieces.

Although investigators are yet to reveal the cause of the collapse, a minister shared that the heavy rains might have been a factor.


The media coverage of the incident showed the five-story building coming down with a massive puff of smoke while it hit the ground in rumbles. Over 190 emergency workers responded to the building mishap.

Another video showed many rescue team members getting equipped with crowbars and stretchers as they searched for victims. Excavators were also brought in to remove the pile of debris and concrete.


Statistics showed that South Korea had been plagued with a defaulting safety record when it came to infrastructure. A department satire that collapsed in 1995 rendered over 500 people dead.

Records also show a similar occurrence from 1994. At the time, a bridge came down in rumbles killing 49 people around the vicinity and on the bridge. However, the country has been working on improving safety statistics.


Alerts on a collapse were also received in Mumbai as a residential building caved in, killing eleven people, including eight kids. Although investigators are yet to reveal the cause of the collapse, a minister shared that the heavy rains might have been a factor.

Safety officials got to work evacuating the building and helping survivors out of the debris. Dilapidated buildings were also evacuated due to the persistent rain and floods.

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