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Daily Joke: A Priest and a Nun Were Driving in a Car

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 19, 2021
10:45 A.M.
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One sunny day, an elderly priest and one of her nuns were driving a car toward the monastery. In the driver's seat was the priest, who appeared to be in a happy mood that day.


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While the priest approached the red light, he gently placed a hand on the nun's knee. It was a surprise to the nun to see the priest behave that way. However, she immediately told him to remember Luke 14:10.

After apologizing, the priest removed his hand and continued driving. Upon reaching the next red light, the priest again reached out to place a hand on the nun's leg, a little higher than he did before.

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In an awkward tone of voice, the nun repeated, "Father, remember Luke 14:10." The priest immediately removed his hand, apologized, and mentioned how his desires are stronger than his restraints.

Upon arriving at the monastery and saying their goodbyes, the priest went straight to his office, reached for his Bible, and opened it to Luke 14:10. What he found was: "Friend, go up higher."

A nun reading the bible. | Photo: Pexels


What an interesting twist in the story! If you enjoyed that joke, here is another one about a couple who were driving home after leaving a bar when they were stopped by the police.

After a night out at the bar, the couple headed back home when a police officer stopped them. According to the police, he pulled them over because the husband's headlight wasn't working.

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The husband apologized to the police right away. He told the cop it was out of his knowledge, and he was going to fix it immediately. His nervousness about what he's going to do at the time showed.

Later, the wife told her husband that she had warned him about the possible outcome when she had asked him to fix the light two days earlier. Due to what she said, he became even more nervous.

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Precisely as he expected, the officer asked him to show his license. The husband couldn't do anything else but give it to the cop. The police inspected his license and told him it had expired.

Another apology followed from the husband, who explained he had not realized it had expired. Aside from that, he told the police he would deal with the matter first and foremost.

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At that point, the wife told her husband that she had told him last week that his license had expired. According to his wife, if he had only listened to her, they wouldn't have ended up in this situation.

As a result, the husband was starting to become frustrated about his wife refusing to cooperate in front of the police. He could not stop himself from urging her to silence herself.

Later, the officer reached over to the woman and asked whether her husband always speaks to her in such a manner. To which the wife replied that it only happened when he was drunk.