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Daily Parable: A 10-Year-Old Boy Wanted to Learn Judo

Rebelander Basilan
Jun 19, 2021
06:50 P.M.
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Despite having lost his left arm in a fatal car crash, a ten-year-old boy decided to learn Judo. His first judo class was with an older Japanese master.


The boy was not willing to learn just one move after three months of training because he had done so well. Eventually, he asked the teacher if he was not supposed to learn more moves.

As his teacher explained, this is the only move he knows, and this is the only move he will ever need to learn. Although the boy didn't quite understand, he continued training because he trusted his teacher.

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A couple of months later, the teacher brought the boy to a tournament for the first time. The boy won both of his first two matches easily, surprising himself. However, he isn't yet out of the woods.

A challenge awaited him in his third match, but his opponent became impatient and charged, allowing the boy to win with one move. Astounded by his success, the boy found himself in the finals.

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He faced a bigger, better, and more experienced opponent this time around. Initially, it appeared that the boy was overmatched. Due to the boy's possible injury, the referee called timeout.

He was about to end the match when the teacher meddled, insisting that the boy continue his game. As soon as the match resumed, his opponent had a critical flaw: he let down his guard.

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The boy immediately pinned him with his move. He had won the match as well as the tournament. He was the winner. During the ride home, the boy and the teacher discussed the moves made in every match.

At that moment, the boy had the guts to ask his teacher how he managed to win the tournament with only one move. The teacher responded that he did so for two reasons. Curious, the boy listened to the teacher.

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"First of all, you've nearly mastered one of the most challenging throws in Judo," the teacher explained. "And second, the only possible defense against that attack would be for the opponent to grab your left arm."

Moral: We tend to point the finger at God, the situation, or even ourselves whenever we perceive that we have shortcomings. But we can never predict which of our weaknesses may one day prove to be our strengths.

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It's important to remember that everyone has a special place in the world, so never consider yourself weak and do not let pride or pain hinder you. Take advantage of every moment and live it to the fullest.

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