Daily Joke: A Boy and Girl Were Playing in a Sandbox

Laura Beatham
Jun 16, 2021
08:30 P.M.
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Today's joke is about a little boy who tried very hard to do what his mother told him while playing with another little child.


A boy and girl were playing in a sandbox when the boy realized he needed to use the bathroom. However, he remembered that his mother always told him to be polite.

Photo: AmoMama


He was unsure what to say to the girl because his mother told him not to talk about private matters in public. At first, he held it for a while because he did not know how to excuse himself.

Two young children playing in a sandbox. | Photo: Shutterstock


The little boy then remembered what his mother would say when the family was at a restaurant, and she excused herself from the table. So he turned to the girl and repeated what his mother would say.

"Will you please excuse me? I have to go powder my nose." After he politely said that, he leapt out of the sandbox and ran to the bathroom to relieve himself.


He was very proud of himself and thought his mother would have been very proud of him for speaking so politely. When he got back to the playground, the girl looked at him and asked, "Did you powder your nose?"

The little boy was nervous to respond, but he stepped back into the sandbox and said, "Yes," The little girl then said, "Well then, you better close your purse because your lipstick is hanging out."


This next joke is about a boy who was not as polite as the boy in the previous story. He was at the doctor's office with his mother and noticed a heavily pregnant woman, so he asked the woman, "Is your baby in your stomach?"

The expecting mom responded, "Yes, you are very clever. There is a baby in my stomach. " The little boy looked at the woman's stomach and asked, "Well, is the baby a good baby?"

The pregnant woman was a little confused but looked at the boy and said, "Yes, of course. The baby is very good." The three-year-old boy then asked her, "Well, why did you eat it then?