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Daily Joke: A Middle-Aged Man Was Tired Of His Job

Joe Akins
Jun 17, 2021
07:30 A.M.
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A middle-aged man who was tired of his job in the city decided to move to a more secluded and serene place because of its perceived benefits, but he is in for a shock when things didn’t go as planned.


After the rigors of working tirelessly over the years, many people look forward to the time when they can rest and enjoy some alone time without any worry in the world.

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The man in this joke is a middle-aged man who had gotten tired of his job and decided he needed a place to relax and get away from all the rigors of the city and his job.

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He took a trip around the country and soon found a house by the seaside overlooking the waters. The environment was serene and far away from all the noise of the city.

Having found the perfect house, he was skeptical about purchasing it. However, he changed his mind when his soon-to-be neighbor came over.

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The neighbor, who was an elderly man in his late 80s, had a tall, athletic build with a full head of silver hair and a strong muscular body.

On seeing his neighbor, the man said this place looked to have done a lot of good for the old-timer as he looked fit and in shape; hence, he was going to buy the house.

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The old-timer assured him that the place was a wonder because when he first got there, he could not walk and he was bald, but having spent time in the area, he was looking and feeling better.

The middle-aged man who had been fearing growing old, bald, and weak became excited at the news and immediately paid for and moved into the house.

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After about a month, the man from the city started going bald and felt no physical difference in his form. He began to panic and decided to pay his neighbor a visit.

He approached the neighbor and asked how long he had lived in the area because since he arrived, he did not feel any different; instead, he felt worse.

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He wanted to know how long it would take for the effects to begin showing. The old-timer smiled at him and said: “Well, sonny, I was born and raised here, so it might take a while!”

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