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Firefighters Rescue Teen from Chimney after an Unsuccessful Attempt to Enter a Locked House

Esther NJeri
Jun 18, 2021
07:20 P.M.
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A teen in Nevada had a rough morning as she got stuck in her family home’s chimney while trying to sneak back into the house after getting locked out.


An 18-year-old woman was successfully rescued from the chimney, where she got stuck trying to sneak back into her house in the wee hours of the morning. The Henderson Fire Department was able to get her out without any injuries.

The firefighters, who are trained to do tight space rescues, were called to the single-story home in the morning to help pull the girl out of the chimney, which is a task that took them about half an hour.

Firemen getting someone unstuck from the chimney | Source: Getty Images


According to the post made on Henderson Fire Department’s Facebook page, they used the rope system to get the teen out to safety, saying she was stuck just above the chimney's flue.

Responding to the post, several Facebook users commented, hoping the woman was ok and had hopefully learned her lesson. Others took to congratulating the firemen for a job well done, saying:

"Great work HFD as always!"

Firemen rescu teen stuck in the chimney | Source: Facebook/Henderson Fire Department


Getting stuck in the chimney is no joke, and people have lost their lives or attained serious injuries in an attempt to sneak back into their locked houses.

In 2019, another victim of the chimney trap was rescued after getting stuck trying to sneak back into her locked home. She did not sustain any serious injuries.

Before they could break into the chimney and get him out, he’d already lost his life.

Fireman gets under the chimney to rescue stuck 18-year-old. | Source: Facebook/ Henderson Fire Department


However, sneaking in through the chimney is not a reserve for little girls locked out of their homes. Some burglars looking to steal from houses have chosen the unlucky entrance and have been unlucky to get stuck.

And getting stuck is only a small punishment for the vice, and those that get stuck are lucky to come out alive at the end of the rescue. Speaking to NBC News, Fresno County sheriff’s Deputy Jake Jensen says:

"I’ve been a deputy for almost 17 years now, and I’ve never seen anything like this!"

Firemen doing a chimney rescue | Source: Shutterstock


In an eerily similar case, a man suspected to be a burglar got stuck in the chimney of a Central California home after the owner of the home lit a fire, oblivious of the fact that a man was stuck in his chimney.

The firefighters say that when the homeowner lit the fire, he heard a yell, and then his house started filling up with smoke. That is when he put out the fire and called the firefighters.

Firemen rescuing a man stuck in the chimney | Source: Shutterstock

The Sheriff's office reported that the man had snuck in during the night and got stuck, and when the homeowner, who’d been away, returned, he did not know there was someone in his chimney until he lit the fire.

When the firefighters arrived, the man was still breathing, but before they could break into the chimney and get him out, he’d already lost his life.