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Rich Guy Insults Immigrant Delivery Man, Karma Does Its Job an Hour Later – Subscriber Story

Bettina Dizon
Jun 29, 2021
01:30 A.M.
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Successful businessman humiliates a poor immigrant delivery man. In just an hour he gets what he deserves.


Trevor is a successful entrepreneur in Canada and the founder and CEO of an e-commerce platform that allows retailers to post their items for the general public. The company has millions of transactions every month with the help of its partner services.

With the limitless opportunities with technology, many businessmen have invested in partnering with Trevor's company. Every day, he is booked for countless meetings for such business deals.

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However, Trevor did not entertain the thought of expanding its partner services. In fact, as the CEO, he was content with their monthly performance reviews. His attention was primarily being able to expand beyond the west and further into the Asia Pacific.

For months, the business leader had been courting executives from different parts of the region to find the proper connection. By continuously building his network, Trevor gained access to appointments to pitch his idea to many potential investors.

One day, Trevor was booked for a meeting with a high-profile businessman from Singapore, Mr. Chan. The entrepreneur was known across Southeast Asia, and the meeting meant much to Trevor because it would give his company a chance to grow.


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Preparations for the meeting took months. Trevor wanted to ensure that all relevant information about the company would be presented appropriately. He wanted to make sure that its strengths and capacity to thrive in Asia would be highlighted to persuade Mr. Chan.


On the day of the much-awaited presentation, Trevor left his company laptop at home, and the fastest way the laptop could arrive at the office was through a courier service.

He had his secretary immediately make the arrangements and waited for the laptop to arrive at the building lobby. Just as the meeting approached, the service rider got lost along the way, pushing the estimated time of arrival.

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This made Trevor furious beyond what the staff had ever seen. As soon as the rider arrived, Trevor pulled the package that contained the laptop away from his hands.

The delivery man apologized and explained that it was his first day on the job as a new resident. "Are you Chinese?" asked Trevor upon noticing the man's foreign accent.

"Yes, I am, sir," answered the delivery man while struggling with his English. "Apart from your bad English, you better make sure you know how to do your job right. This country shouldn't welcome you Asian people," added Trevor.

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He walked out after paying the man and went straight up to the conference room. Trevor did not realize that his tone was quite loud, catching people's attention in the lobby.

One of those who heard him was Mr. Chan, who enjoyed a coffee cup before he headed up for the pitch. By the end of the conference, Mr. Chan expressed his gratitude for the company's interest in working with him.

He even added that the opportunity was quite tempting given the invaluable characteristics that the company possessed. However, he made it known that he was not interested in working with a business represented by Trevor.

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Mr. Chan revealed that he witnessed the fiasco that occurred in the lobby and could not stomach working with someone who spoke so lowly of his fellow Asians. In the end, it was not bad business that ruined the company's chance, but bad character.

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